WWE Divas: The Hottest 25 Photos of Torrie Wilson

Ryan RudnanskySenior Writer IFebruary 22, 2011

WWE Divas: The Hottest 25 Photos of Torrie Wilson

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    With the breaking news that Torrie Wilson recently came out with new photos, the next logical thing to do was, well, look at them.

    While the newest pics aren't exactly eye-popping, any male out there that knows only the slightest bit about WWE knows Torrie Wilson will always be a household name in the wrestling biz, even if she has since retired from the ring.

    The former Playboy and FHM cover model raised a lot of eyebrows throughout her career and continues to do so, by the looks of things.

    Here are the 25 hottest pics of Torrie Wilson throughout her sizzling career.

25. Rapunzel Torrie

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    We all know the story of Rapunzel.

    You know, "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair, so I may climb the golden stair."

    I'm a horrible climber, but I would risk my life for this Rapunzel.

24. Red Bra Torrie

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    There's something about red bras that's alluring.

    But then again, maybe it's the backdrop behind them that make them stand out.

23. Snow Angel Torrie

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    There are numerous things about this picture that are provocative, and none of them involve Torrie making a snow angel.

    You could be my snow angel any day, Torrie.

22. Flower Torrie

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    Silly Torrie, you didn't have to wear flower-patterned underwear to look prettier.

    You're hot just the way you are.

21. Heavenly Torrie

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    There's something about the color white that just brings out the hotness in blonds.

    Add that to the fact Torrie looks like she's lying on a cloud and you've got yourself one of those blond angels.

20. Wet Torrie

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    Get a girl in some water and she looks more attractive.

    I can't explain it, it's just an undeniable truth.

19. Almost Naked Torrie

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    Ah, if only there was a girl next door that you saw doing this every day, huh?

    But then again, that would be a fantasy.

18. Tigress Torrie

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    Not only does Torrie look good as a tiger, she also proved she can effectively be a tiger while offering up a cleavage shot.


17. Showering Torrie

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    I don't know where this water could possibly be coming from, but I also don't care.

    Interesting shower garments she wears, though.

16. Midwestern Torrie

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    Torrie, you're not in Kansas anymore.

    It's a good thing, too, because your talents are much more appreciated in the wrestling world.

15. Sexy Necklace Torrie

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    A classic outfit for a classy gal.

    I'm jealous of her necklace.

14. Hot Bod Torrie

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    Something about pink against black that makes girls sexier.

    It's a funny phenomenon.

    One that will never be solved.

13. Pink Bra Torrie

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    If there's anything more alluring than a red bra, it's a pink one.

    Why? I don't know.

    I didn't invent the Law of Attraction.

12. Fetish Torrie

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    I docked a few points in this one because you can't really see Torrie's face, but then again, nobody's really looking at her face in shots like this anyway.

    Especially those people with those bondage fetishes...probably looking at the ropes.

11. Dangerous Torrie

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    Oh, you're so dangerous Torrie.

    Okay, I give up, you've got me arrested.

    Now just handcuff me and take me away to your bed.

10. School Girl Torrie

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    Gotta get a classic schoolgirl outfit pic in here somewhere.

    The schoolgirl outfit has long been documented as a sexy arousing garment in the history of man.

    But it also makes me think of high school, which certainly wasn't my finest hour.

9. Ring Girl Torrie

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    Oh, don't mind me Torrie, I'm just watching the imaginary match.

8. Popsicle Torrie

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    How is it that a Popsicle doesn't cool Torrie off, but actually makes her hotter?

    Must have something to do with a man's anatomy.

    That's the only thing I can guess.

7. Inviting Torrie

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    Need I say why this is a hot photo?

    She's basically inviting you to come nestle up to her on her bed.

6. Mermaid Torrie

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    In a fantasy world, mermaids that looked like this would swim around and breach ever so often.

    It would be like whale watching, except much more exciting.

5. Ripped Shirt Torrie

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    Hmmm... Hey Torrie, your shirt's ripped.

    She must have gotten into a cage match.

    If you wanted to get my attention, Torrie, you could have just posed like this for me—you didn't have to get in a cage match to impress me.

4. Trendsetter Torrie

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    If you thought there was no way ropes could become a shirt/bra, think again.

    Torrie's trying to start a new fad in this one.

    That's probably something that coulda' worked in the '80s, Torrie, but I salute you for trying to bring them back.

3. Battle Of the Butts Torrie Part I

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    I didn't plan on these next two pics making it this far, but I've obviously learned something about myself today, and I'm ashamed.

    There is one thing in particular that stands out in these two pics, and it's not hard to figure out what it is.

2. Battle Of the Butts Torrie Part II

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    Why is it when women look serious, I find them attractive?

    I learned something about myself today...

1. Hottest Torrie

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    A complete view of Torrie's full arsenal, complete with waving hair.

    Thank you FHM. Thank you for this gift.