What We Know: A Chicago Cubs Postseason Roster Primer

Andrew ShafferContributor ISeptember 25, 2008

What We (Sort of) Know

Ryan Dempster: Divisional Series Game One starter.
Carlos Zambrano—Rich Harden—Ted Lilly: The Cubs' two, three, and four pitchers.
Sean Marshall: Bullpen longman (lefty).
Chad Gaudin: Not Ready for prime-time; won't make the cut...Still struggling with a nagging back injury.
Koyie Hill: Odd man out.

The Question Marks

Bob Howry: Shouldn't make the cut unless the Cubs need someone to throw batting practice. Forget his performance against the Mets.
Daryle Ward: Shouldn't make the cut; expect a speedier outfield replacement to take his spot on the bench.
Jason Marquis: Bullpen longman (righty)...His fingers are crossed. He almost didn't make the rotation to begin the year, and he won't make it in the postseason...How effective will he be in relief?

All the Rest

The bullpen is still in flux, as Lou Piniella will "ride the hot hands" straight into the postseason. The infield starting positions are set, so no surprises there, but one of the call-ups could make the roster in Ward or Ronny Cedeno's place.