WWE Elimination Chamber: What Surprises Are In Store Tonight?

James PinchesContributor IFebruary 20, 2011

Will Edge hold onto his World Heavyweight Championship
Will Edge hold onto his World Heavyweight ChampionshipGaye Gerard/Getty Images

With the elimination chamber bearing down on us, what surprises are in store for us tonight? What shocks will the WWE serve up to us for the price of the PPV?

First up we have The Miz vs Jerry Lawler for the WWE championship. I think we all know The Miz will win dirty with some assistance from A-Ri. Can't see a shock here!

Second on the list, we have the RAW Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship match at WrestleMania 27. I think the favorite for this match at the moment is John Cena, to then face The Miz. But will The Rock have some interference to eliminate John Cena? And what effect does The Rock have on the outcome of this match? I would personally like to see John Morrison win this and go on to headline WrestleMania, while, at the same time, setting up the dream: John Cena vs The Rock. Randy Orton will be eliminated by some form of cheating from CM Punk and the New Nexus. However, I think Cena will then take Punk out. I can't see R-Truth and Sheamus doing much of any interest in this match, so hopefully they'll up their game.

Now to the Smackdown! Elimination Chamber match for the World Heavyweight Championship. I think Edge will retain in this to go on and face Alberto Del Rio at WrestleMania. But there will be a surprise entrant after the brilliant episode of Smackdown! we saw on Friday night, which concluded with the sacking of Dolph Ziggler, of course leaving an empty spot. Will it still be Ziggler? Or will we see the return of a famous face. Maybe The Undertaker comes back a night early? Or even the long waited return of Triple H or Batista? Also, this could be the start of a Kane vs Wade Barrett feud, or even some sort of grudge starting with Drew McIntyre to get his career back on path.

The Tag Team match of Santino and Koslov against The Corre (Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel) should result in a change of title and hopefully a boost for not only the reputation of the Tag Team Championship, but also a boost for The Corre, who need some silverware to boost their credentials. A clean win with a face turn would be nice to set up a Corre vs New Nexus Tag Team match at WrestleMania- providing Randy Orton doesn't punt the whole of the New Nexus in the head, first!

And finally, the Kofi Kingston vs Alberto Del Rio match, which doesn't bring anything to the card except a good, solid match. I don't see any surprises happening here, except that maybe the winner of the Smackdown! Elimination Chamber match interfering, and causing Del Rio to lose.

Let me know what you think. Please remember it is just my opinion, so don't be offensive. How would you have it play out tonight?