The Rock Is Back? Time to Re-Write WrestleMania… Here's How

Duane DooganCorrespondent IFebruary 20, 2011

First off, how amazing was it to see The Rock back in a WWE ring last Monday? It’s amazing how much of a legacy he left behind for a man who was only a full-time wrestler for less than five years (Rock began taking his “movie breaks” following WrestleMania in 2001).

It was interesting how they let him talk about John Cena the way that he did. John Cena is WWE’s top babyface by a country mile and following Randy Orton’s failed WWE Championship reign last year, Vince McMahon knows just how precious Cena’s spot as poster boy really is.

So when The Rock comes out and makes his first live appearance since 2004 and completely rips into the man we’re meant to believe is the best in the business it reminds me of one situation. Flashback nine years to No Way Out 2002 and RAW the night after. Hollywood Hulk Hogan rips The Rock and we get “that match for the ages” where Hogan eventually embraces The Rock and passes the torch.

Now The Rock is in Hogan’s position and John Cena is in The Rock’s position, if it wasn’t a plan already, could Vince hand Rocky the blank cheque and make him wrestle in Atlanta? If seeing Rock appear would get buys then seeing Rock go one-on-one with Cena would double them!

If I was booker (as every wrestling fan confidently says), I would twist up the ‘Mania card around this match.

The Miz is scheduled to face John Cena, so now The Miz needs an opponent, who would I choose? The Undertaker. No man is better to challenge the streak than the man who has had the best year in the company. It would also explain why ‘Taker is returning on RAW as opposed to SmackDown to set up some sort of angle with the WWE Champion.

But with Triple H slated to return to face ‘Taker now he needs an opponent, easy… with Dolph Ziggler “fired” and his storyline with Edge looking likely to continue, have Edge vs. Ziggler at ‘Mania, but not for the title, as Alberto Del Rio has the shot. Enter Triple H into the Chamber tonight as the mystery man to win the belt and go on to face Del Rio. Not only would Triple H serve as cover for ‘Taker on SmackDown while he challenges Miz but I believe he’d make a more believable opponent out of Del Rio.

Remember, Triple H’s only in-ring appearance since his departure was at the Fan Appreciation Day against Alberto Del Rio. It doesn’t mean anything storyline wise but somebody must have had ideas of pairing the two somehow.

That leaves The Rock and John Cena, rightly so as the main event. No title needed. The Rock is underrated in the ring I think and can go with anybody, Cena has more than enough in his arsenal to go alongside The Rock and pull off a classic. Plus, imagine the crowd reaction? The crowd in Toronto that night back in 2002 was electric and turned on The Rock quicker than you could say "Bring It."

Whatever the plan, I see Big Show or Christian being the mystery man tonight if not Dolph Ziggler himself somehow. But I can confidently say that people would like to see the card as I’ve explained it. It would sell. Isn’t that the point?

John Cena vs. The Rock
The Miz vs. The Undertaker for the WWE Championship.
Triple H vs. Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship
Dolph Ziggler vs. Edge



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