The NFL's Bottom 5 Quarterbacks

Sean O'BrienCorrespondent ISeptember 25, 2008

5. Matt Hasselbeck - Seattle Seahawks

Oh how the mighty have fallen.  This quarterback is only on this list because of how much his talent has decreased since last season.  It's downright upsetting.  Most of his problem lies with a devastating lack of talent at the WR position, but still, as the field general, the QB needs to be able to make it work and this guy hasn't.

Hasselbeck's completion percentage is only 48.5, resulting from completing 47 of 97 passes.  Ouch Matt, ouch.  He's also thrown 2 touchdowns and 3 interceptions, meaning that when push comes to shove, he also hasn't been able to make the accurate reads.

If the head office can finally fix Seattle's lack of depth at the receiver position, I expect Hasselbeck to claw his way out of the cellar.


4. Carson Palmer - Cincinnati Bengals

With a running game that is of no true help, the responsibility of running Cincinnati's offense falls squarely on the shoulders of Carson Palmer.  The man is surrounded by talent, just doesn't have the opportunity to exploit it.  Chad Johnson finds himself in double coverage practically every play, which takes away the Bengals' main deep catch threat.

Cincinnati's poor offensive line has barely been able to protect him, leading to a very uncomfortable presence in the pocket and if a QB isn't comfortable in the pocket it's going to lead to forced throws.

Right now, Palmer's QB rating is sitting at 63.8, nearly 20 points below average.  This season he has thrown for 1 touchdown and 3 interceptions.  His completion rating is at 57.8, meaning he barely completes more then half his passes.

Unless something serious happens to flip this team around, Carson Palmer will have another rough year and will continue to be among the bottom-ranked quarterbacks.


3. Derek Anderson - Cleveland Browns

Proclaimed the savior of Cleveland last season, Anderson was sent to the Pro-Bowl.  His team began the season as a heavy favorite for the playoffs.  So much for that scenario.  It's only 3 games into the season and already the Dawg Pound is calling for popular backup Brady Quinn, and for good reason.

Anderson has actually been well protected by his O-line, he's just making bad decisions.  For some reason, he's been playing with urgency and forcing too many throws.  He's thrown for 2 touchdowns and 5 interceptions thus far.

This season he has completed 43 of 93 passes, a completion percentage of 46.2.  To his credit, not all of these have been bad throws by Anderson.  His receivers have barely been able to hold on to the ball all season.

As it stands, Anderson's QB rating sits at an all-time 43.5 low.  If his performance against the Bengals doesn't turn some heads, you can bet Quinn will be ready to step in.


2. Matt Schaub - Houston Texans

Hey Schaub, weren't you gonna turn this team around this season and finally put them in the win column?  What ever happened to that?

His offensive line has done nothing to protect their quarterback.  He's been sacked 8 times in two games and I'll tell you what, it's hard to play the QB position from your back.  Add to that Schaub has shown an appalling lack of arm strength and a consistent lack of good decision making.  His best passing weapon, Andre Johnson, is under constant guard by opposing defenders and Schaub himself hasn't show the quick feet or mobility of last season.

Though he has completed 60 percent of his passes this season (42 of 70), he has only thrown a single touchdown to go along with his 5 interceptions.  Maybe the best thing the Texans could do is trade mid-game for the defense's players, that way Schaub would better recognize who he's passing to.

Expect a lot more passes on quick slants and hand-offs to Steve Slaton as the head coaches try to minimize the amount of mistakes Schaub can make. 

This is a QB who not only can't win you the game, he could very well lose it for you.


1. The Entire QB Staff -Kansas City Chiefs

I have never seen such a train-wreck like Kansas City is right now.  Quite honestly, last year's Miami Dolphins would crush these guys.  Their problems all start and end at the QB position, where they've had nothing but inconsistency.  I truly feel sorry for KC fans and would like to extend my humblest sentiments.

Their passing LEADER right now is Tyler Thigpen.  Need I say more?  This guy was just not ready to step up and take the mantle as starting QB.  He's thrown 69 passes in two games and only completed 28 of them.  That's a completion rating of 40.6, which is downright wretched.

Brodie Croyle went out in game one of the season, effectively dooming this team to the league cellar.

In the two games he played, Damon Huard has only averaged 67.5 yards a game.  That is pathetic.  It may be a step up from Thigpen, but it's still a step down from Croyle. 

Somebody get these guys some help because right now, Kansas City would be better off with any of the above men at the QB position, which says a lot about this team.


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