Shane Mosley - Ricardo Mayorga Showdown

Franco WillisContributor ISeptember 25, 2008

When: Saturday September 27th, 8:00 CST (estimate)

Where: Home Depot Center Carson, CA

Network: HBO (non PPV)

With Mosley (37) coming off a Cotto loss, and Mayorga (34) coming off a Vargas win, these two combatants could provide an interesting pop-off this Saturday night.  The two will meet at the junior middleweight limit of 154 pounds. 

This will be Mosley's first fight at 154 lbs since defeating Fernando Vargas over two years ago.  Mayorga on the other hand will move down to 154 from 164, where at he too defeated Vargas on a close decision last November.  Although Mosley is the naturally smaller man, he brags a four inch reach on Mayorga, and both clock in about the same height at 5'9". 

This fight should play out similar to the Mosley-Vargas fight(s).  Mosley will look to use his jab, speed, and reach advantage to pepper Mayorga.  No one can forget what Vargas's eye looked like at the end of the Mosley fight, and Shane will probably deploy the same strategy against Mayorga. 

Furthermore, Mosley has proven to have a great chin.  While Mayorga may land from time to time, the frustration of not being able to hurt Shane (when he does locate him) will basically self-destruct Mayorga.  The haymakers will then come out, and Mosley, one of the speediest (yes, STILL) and slickest boxers in the game could make him pay dearly.

I see this fight ending mid-to-late rounds by KO.  The only reason I am not calling the TKO is because referee Steve Smoger, one of the best in the business, is notorious for giving hurt fighters the benefit of the doubt.

Mosley, a four time world champ, and top 10 pound-for-pound active fighter could line up a title shot against Margarito or Forrest with a convincing win on Saturday.  With the clock ticking, this may be Mosley's last chance to make a title run.  And with Floyd out, who better than Mosley in?