UFC127 FightCard: BJ Penn, Rampage Jackson and the 10 Most Technical MMA Boxers

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UFC127 FightCard: BJ Penn, Rampage Jackson and the 10 Most Technical MMA Boxers
Fedor Emelianenko's KO punch against Andrei Arlovski

The site of a thunderous right hand on the jaw or the replay of a head spinning hook to the temple brings fans erupting from their seats creating a deafening sound of cheers and adoration for the victor.

The winner parades around the Octagon with their iron fist raised in the air proclaiming victory as their opponent is attended to by the ring side physician.  This moment of domination draws praise from the fight fans and Knockout of the Night honors from the UFC.

Boxing, the "sweet science," dates back to ancient Greece when warriors included boxing to honor their fallen in battle.  Accepted as an Olympic sport as early as 688 BC, boxing has been a staple of society for thousands of generations.

Fast forward to present day and boxing has become one tool in a mixed martial artist's arsenal of weapons. 

Many fighters wish to become as elusive as Manny Pacquiao or deliver power punches like Mike Tyson. 

Some use their skills as a boxer to open up their more dominant abilities as an all-around fighter inside the cage.

Skills developed as a boxer transfer to a fighter's performance inside the Octagon.  These skills include proper defense, punching at various angles, enhancing hand speed, counter striking, changing planes, advanced foot work and keeping an opponent off balance through various combinations.

Monumental KO victories have graced ultimate fighting including Scott Smith's last-ditch knockout of Pete Sell after suffering a debilitating liver shot himself. 

Or, Houston Alexander's barrage of uppercuts and hooks from the clinch which crumbled Keith Jardine and left "The Dean of Mean" lifeless in the corner of the cage. 

And, most recently, BJ Penn's one-punch knockout of the Hall Of Fame fighter, Matt Hughes, in their rubber match.

There is no doubt that to be successful as an ultimate fighter, each competitor needs to work their "hands."  Some MMA practitioners have excelled at the "sweet science" leaving their opponents dazed and confused inside the Octagon. 

To be a technical boxer, one must not only execute precise punches but also be able to have a solid defense, strike at various angles and use their hands to gain advantages over their opponent in the stand-up exchanges.

The following is my list of the 10 most technical boxers in mixed martial arts today.

I welcome your comments.

Todd Seyler

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