WWE Elimination Chamber Results: 12 Things We Learned From the Event

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WWE Elimination Chamber Results: 12 Things We Learned From the Event

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    Hello, Buzzers, Buzz is back.

    Elimination Chamber is now in the history books. I'll only say that it had some great matches but something was missing overall. I'll discuss this in detail in the next slides.

    Anyway, it's now time to get ready for the biggest event of the year, Wrestlemania 27.

    As I always do after every PPV, I'll break down several things we learned from the event.

    So while you begin looking ahead to the upcoming big event, and as you get ready for tonight's RAW 2-21-11, just sit down, relax and enjoy the slide show for the time being.

    All said and done, let the show begin.

1. The Event Was Predictable

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    Honestly speaking, I was looking forward for any major surprise during the matches, but unfortunately, everything we expected just happened.

    Don't get me wrong here, I liked the show and I enjoyed most of the matches, but they were too predictable. I mean no swerves, no ploys, no loopholes, nothing at all.

    We expected Alberto Del Rio to win, Edge and Miz to retain their titles and Cena to become the new number one contender.

    Did I miss any match? The Tag-Team Titles match? No big deal.

    As I said, the matches were great but the results were predictable.

    Anyway, I was still glad to see some superstars make their return.

    Before I continue, I want to ask a question. Didn't you wonder why neither Nexus nor Corre interfered in the Chamber matches? I know that the chambers are closed, but they could have found a way to cause some distraction.

2. Alberto Del Rio Will Keep His Momentum High But He Might Face Some Trouble

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    Alberto Del Rio defeated Kofi Kingston. But you already knew that and you probably expected it.

    No one can deny that Del Rio has been one of fastest rising superstars in WWE, and one of their best current heels. He was able to establish himself as one of WWE's biggest stars in a very short period of time. His skills and charisma easily carried him to the main event scene.

    He said that winning the biggest Royal Rumble match in the history of WWE last month was his destiny, and he never lied. The Mexican aristocrat is now going to headline the biggest PPV of the year.

    With this said, I think it's hard to see him lose or take a step backwards while heading into the biggest match of his career. His victory over the current Intercontinental Champion, Kofi Kingston, just heated up his already high momentum.

    It seemed obvious for us that he was going to face the current World Heavyweight Champion, Edge, at WrestleMania. But after Smackdown's Elimination Chamber match, things looked different.

    Del Rio attacked the Rated "R" Superstar who was celebrating his huge victory. However, Christian made a shocking return and quickly attacked Del Rio and dropped him with the killswitch. Of course, we all remember that Captain Charisma was out after being attacked by Del Rio himself.

    A few moments later, the Ultimate Opportunist nailed the poor aristocrat with a vicious spear to add more damage.

    What does Christian's return mean? Will he be part of the World Heavyweight Title match? Will it become a triple threat match? Or was this a random return?

    Whatever the case is, it's easy to say that Del Rio will be having hard time on his way to WrestleMania as Christian is definitely back for revenge.

3. WWE Disappointed the IWC

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    Last week, Smackdown's returning GM, Theodre Long, shocked the WWE fans and fired Dolph Ziggler. This left the blue brand's Chamber match with an empty spot.

    After the show, I wrote an article asking the B/R members who they thought would replace Ziggler in the match. Unsurprisingly, the majority expected Christian to be the replacement.

    However, much to their dismay, the replacement was none other than the largest athlete in the world, the Big Show. Nothing against Show here but I thought that he was randomly added. I mean he had his chance and failed in the qualifying matches just like Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger and Chavo Guerrero.

    Did they add him to further push his feud with Wade Barret and other Corre members? This can be a reason for sure.

    But the disappointment didn't end there, the biggest let down to Internet fans came later, when Christian appeared after the match. Immediately afterwards many fans asked why he wasn't added to the match instead.

    Now I'm not sure if I have too upset about this. Christian is one of my favorite superstars and I might be one of the few fans who still hope to see him win a WWE World Title before he retires.

    However, I believe that adding him to the match wouldn't have benefited him much unless he ended up winning the title. I didn't want to see him join and lose because this would have killed any possibility of adding him to the feud later.

    It's not necessary that I want him to be part of this World Title match, but I didn't want him to return only to do the job.

    Anyway, I expected the replacement to be either Christian or Cody Rhodes.

4. Smackdown's Chamber Match Stole The Show

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    That was a great match to say the least. The best thing about it was that all competitors looked good during the bout unlike RAW's match.

    At a certain moment, I felt that any superstar can win. However, Edge was able to stand tall and regain his Championship belt as expected.

    During the match, Wade Barret was the first to be eliminated after receiving a beating of his life by Big Show. However, he had some cool encounters with the other superstars before he was eliminated.

    Big Show showed some dominance as usual and he even destroyed Barret after nailing him with numerous chops before hitting him with the knockout punch.

    However, Drew McIntyre was the guy who really impressed the fans last night. As soon as he came out, he brutally attacked all the superstars and he even shoved both Mysterio and Barret into the glass pods. I guess his story with Kelly will continue as he did blame Edge again for what happened to her before their match.

    Surprisingly, Kane was one of the toughest contenders in this match. He showed the dominant side we used to witness in his past matches and put every contender down. Furthermore, he impressively and single-handedly eliminated both Big Show and Drew McIntyre. Even after his elimination, he didn't leave before dropping both Edge and Rey Mysterio with two chokeslams respectively.

    As for Rey Mysterio, he showed us why he's considered as one of the most exciting superstars in WWE. He had several cool spots and he received many beatings and bumps as he got shoved into the glass pod twice during the match. His final moments with Edge were epic.

    This leaves us with Edge. Even though, I thought he started a bit slow against Mysterio, but the Rated "R" Superstar was able to put another good performance. Actually, he has never disappointed us in his latest matches. As I said above, he had a solid encounter with Mysterio during the final minutes of the match. Both men hit their finishing maneuvers. At the end, Edge hit an awesome mid-air spear for the win.

    That was the match of the night for me.

    I already mentioned what happened after the match in the previous slides.

5. Stratusfaction Is Guaranteed at Tough Enough

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    Tough Enough is now looking even better. Not only did WWE already announce that "Stone Cold" Steve Austin will be hosting it and that Booker T will take part as a coach. But now we have none other than the seven-time Women's Champion, Trish Stratus as a trainer too.

    Could this get any better? It was great to see one of WWE's best Divas make a brief appearance in the ring with Booker T. Trish announced her return on her own way by mocking both Rock and Booker.

    Not only this, but later during the event, Theodre Long interrupted a promo by Vickie Guerrero and announced that he has rehired Kelly Kelly.

    Before the Barbie Diva could put her hands on Guerrero, Laycool came out of nowhere and attacked her. And guess who stormed the ring for the rescue? The new Tough Enough trainer herself again. At the end of the fight, Kelly and Trish were standing tall while the "Flawless" Divas rolled out of the ring.

    At first I thought that this could lead to a match between McCool and Stratus. Could this happen at Wrestlemania 27? I'm not sure about it.

    What about Kelly? What is next for her? Only time will tell.

6. WWE Are Still Lost When Booking Tag-Team Matches

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    Nothing wrong with the match. It was an okay match. Maybe it was short but the problem isn't in the contest itself. The problem lies in the whole tag-team division.

    Those two teams seem to be trading the titles back and forth right now. If you remember, the team of Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov defeated Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater two months ago. During that time Gabriel and Slater were still part of Nexus.

    Here we are now, after two months, the same guys retained the titles, but this time they're in their new group, the Corre.

    I have no problem with the feud and the matches themselves. But I feel that WWE are still randomly booking those matches. Even though they involved the Usos in matches again, but it was for a short period of time only. The last time I saw them, they were dancing with Mark Henry and Great Khali.

    WWE need a proper buildup of tag-team feuds and rivalries. Furthermore, we need more teams. I will give them credit for trying to make the Kozlov/Marella vs. Corre's Gabriel/Slater feud interesting, but they can do it better.

7. Jerry Lawler Didn't Disappoint But The Match Missed Something

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    This might have been one of the most emotional matches for Jerry "The King" Lawler who lost his mother few days ago. Add to this, that it could have been the biggest of his career.

    For a 61-year old man, he was able to put a good and watchable match. Unfortunately for him, however, he lost.

    Now I'm not saying that he should have won, but I felt that something was missing. Let me explain my point of view.

    First of all, this match wasn't randomly added to the card. For a certain reason, Lawler has been involved in a semi-feud with the Miz ever since the latter won the WWE Championship belt.

    I never understood the purpose behind it, but WWE definitely had something in their mind for doing this. Maybe Lawler is on his way out and they wanted to honor him? Maybe they want to put over Miz as a heel? Or do they want to avoid having Miz in the Chamber match? Are they gearing a Lawler vs. Cole match at Wrestlemania?

    As I said, the match was okay. But I just felt that Lawler was going to lose due to Cole interfering or something. I mean this could have heated the rivalry between them. Cole did a good job in whining about Lawler during the match, but I wanted a more physical interaction between the two.

    Furthermore, I'm still thinking why they involved the King in this feud.

    Anyway, the match itself was good. Lawler received a huge ovation after the contest.

8. R-Truth's Spot Was a Big Waste

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    I couldn't help but put this in a separate slide. R-Truth might be one of my least favorite superstars in WWE. But still, I really felt sorry for him. I mean why add him in the match if he isn't going to last more than one minute?!

    R-Truth came out as the fifth entrant in the Chamber match. After applying some cool moves, he was quickly nailed with a boot to the face by Sheamus. The rest was history.

    If you look at Smackdown's match, all contestants looked great and they lasted for a decent amount of time.

    Truth, however, looked like a joke. I'm sorry to say this, but as soon as he made his way to the ring, I asked myself, "Is it jobbing time?" Before I could change my mind, I was proved right.

    I still didn't get why they added him here in the first place.

9. RAW's Anonymous GM Can Be Fair Sometimes

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    RAW's Chamber match kicked off with John Morrison and Sheamus as the first entrants. Few minutes later, Randy Orton joined the encounter.

    The next contender to enter the match was the Straight Edge Superstar, CM Punk. However, something went wrong and he got stuck in the pod. Orton made use of this and began beating him. Few seconds later, he grabbed him to the ring and hit the RKO.

    I couldn't believe my eyes when this happened. I mean, why was Punk eliminated so fast?

    But before we can begin scratching our heads in wonder, we heard the GM's e-mail alert. RAW's anonymous GM believed that Punk didn't get a fair chance due to the mess that occurred. And because of this, he was re-instated.

    Honestly speaking, I didn't get this whole angle, but at least the GM showed that he can be fair sometimes.

10. CM Punk and Randy Orton Will Be Feuding Against Each Others

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    It was obvious since the beginning of the match. Orton and Punk were taunting each others from behind the pods, and it was clear that they wanted to tear each other so badly.

    Even when Punk got stuck in the pod, Orton didn't come accidentally and hit him. Actually, the Viper was standing outside and waiting for him.

    After the chaos that occurred, Punk re-joined the match and was the last entrant. In few minutes only, Orton found himself on the receiving end of a GTS which lead to his elimination.

    I guess that the majority here were expecting the rivalry between the two to heat up during the match.

    This feud started at the Royal Rumble when Punk cost Orton the WWE Title match. The New Nexus leader stated that he did this as a revenge for what Orton did back in 2008. He reminded us how Orton cost Punk his World Title match at that time.

    Anyway, get ready for a possible rivalry between the two that might lead to Wrestlemania.

11. Prepare Yourselves To Read More About WWE Officials Praising John Morrison

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    How many times do we have to read about it? Don't we understand this already?

    If you don't get what I mean, then you probably miss all the news that follow big matches were John Morrison put a great performance.

    I remember reading about this after his ladder match against Sheamus at TLC. It was said that WWE officials were impressed by his performance. The Guru of Greatness has been looking great in most of his matches. I remember his matches against Chris Jericho and Tyson Kidd. I also can't forget the falls count anywhere match against Miz.

    After the Royal Rumble match where we saw Morrison use a spider man spot, I read again about WWE officials being impressed by his performance.

    No doubt that Morrison has been showing some great athleticism lately. It has become a tradition to expect a flashy or cool spot by Morrison during every match. However, the spots he's been doing lately can only be described as awesome.

    Last night was no different. The highlight move of the night however came when he climbed to the roof of the Chamber and launched himself onto Sheamus. I hope they nominate this as the holy %@*^ move of the year.

    With this said, would you be surprised to read another review praising Morrison?

    Anyway, the question doesn't end here. The bigger question is, will he ever benefit from this?

    Until now, he's still involved in high profile feuds, but for how long? When will he finally win the big one?

    Praises alone won't help because I've been reading about this since last year's Elimination Chamber PPV.

    Honestly speaking, I did expect Cena to win the match. But I wrote an article prior to the event giving five reasons why Morrison could win.

12. Cena VS. Rock Won't Happen and He'll Face The Miz As We All Expected

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    So, ladies and gentlemen, John Cena is back to the World Title scene! But you already know that. Yep, just like Alberto Del Rio, it seems that Cena's destiny was to win and headline Wrestlemania after all. Why not? He hasn't feuded for the WWE Title belt since months. And what better event to do this in other than the biggest PPV of the year?

    I know that many people are upset about the result, but come on. You all knew he was going to win. I mean is there anything else for him to do other than facing the champion now? You expected another match?

    Last week on RAW, the Rock made his shocking return after he was revealed as this year's Wrestlemania host. During his promo he bashed Cena and made a mockery out him.

    After this, we all felt that the Legend vs. Icon match is finally coming. I mean can you imagine Cena ignoring this without having anything to say about it? It was a breath of fresh air for IWC here.

    However, it seems that this is as far as this story goes. Of course, I expect them to meet face to face at Wrestlemania, and I would be happy to see the Rock as the special guest referee of the WWE Title match.

    But hey, John Cena didn't let this pass without an epic response. Didn't you see it? You missed it? Did you miss the Fruity Pebbles? Yep, Cena was enjoying a bowl of Fruity Pebbles before his match. Unless you haven't heard Rock's promo, it's easy to understand the idea behind this.

    Anyway, I won't lose any hope on this one. Maybe Wrestlemania 28? I'd like to see Cena in a non-title match whether against Rock or Undertaker next year. That would be hundred times better than a World Title match.

    As for this year, let's see how they will meet at Mania.

The End

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    All thoughts and comments are welcome.

    Thanks for reading.