Elimination Chamber, Sting, Wrestlemania 27 and Sunday's Top WWE News

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Elimination Chamber, Sting, Wrestlemania 27 and Sunday's Top WWE News

Alright wrestling fans, are we finally excited for an Elimination Chamber? Every year it’s the ho-hum event that the WWE trots out because they don’t want to waste the really good stories for the pay-per-view a month out of Wrestlemania. So, we might finally have a reason to watch tonight.

The first thing is we know the Rock is back. What are the odds he ends up at the show? We heard rumblings he’ll be there tomorrow, but tonight is anyone’s guess.

Also, what about the Undertaker? Is that him in the promos for tomorrow night? Or did they throw us a swerve with those promos the way they did with the Rock? (Keep reading…this will change your opinion.)

Could we see Triple H tonight, and what about Sting?

And let’s not forget about the finish everyone wants to see: Jerry Lawler vs. The Miz. We know the Miz is going to win, but how is Jerry going to get screwed? You have to admit that WWE has kind of painted themselves into a corner with their main event. It’s going to have to have some drama because no one thinks the King is winning a WWE title before Wrestlemania…unless…

Either way, you know as well as I know that this night won’t be your normal, boring pay-per-view. There should be a lot of intrigue and the show has some interchangeable pieces that could call for a few surprises along the way.

So, if you want to be fully prepared for your Elimination Chamber, I’ll be your best friend today. We’re going to dish all the wrestling dirt and see if we can get a clearer idea of how the Chamber is going to shake down.

So sit back, relax and get ready for your WWE fix. And…rolling!

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