Syracuse's Greg Robinson Is Long Gone

Nick ConditCorrespondent ISeptember 25, 2008

Syracuse football head coach Greg Robinson is 8-31 during his four-year tenure at Syracuse. That's just plain awful. 

Syracuse fans have wanted his head for years, but Robinson was not fired after last season by AD Daryl Gross. Instead, Gross gave his coach one more chance.

What has he done with it? Absolutely nothing.

No matter what the problem is, Greg Robinson can't allow his team to be 1-3 right now as he's fighting for his job.

He needed to start the season off with a win at Northwestern, which was reasonable, but got blown out. He needed to beat lowly Akron but lost by two touchdowns. He needed to have his team compete in some way against Penn State, but instead they looked like a high school team.

He needed to blow out DI-AA Northeastern but allowed them to score three touchdowns on his defense—the same defensive scheme that supposedly won a Super Bowl for the Broncos years back.

Famous SU running back Jim Brown told CBS Sportsline, "Oh, it's terrible. I like the coach as a person, but I think they're going to have to make a move. You can't let the program go so low."

The point is, Syracuse could be 3-1 right now if they just had wins over Northwestern and Akron—not too tall of a task. Instead they are 1-3 and a laughingstock, and they will soon be searching for a new head football coach.