The Number One Reason That Alabama Can Beat Georgia in Its Own House

mpeskyContributor ISeptember 25, 2008

You can forget about statistics—they are for losers. Except for the uniforms, this team does not even look like the same team than went 7-6 last year.

John Parker Wilson may lack the talent of UGA's quarterback, but he will play this game with a lot of help. JPW no longer has to try to win the game by himself. He has a host of talent to call upon.

Make no mistake, this team is for real.

Bama coaches and players should not have made public statements about the Dawgs (score one for the home boys). These statements sounds much too much like something someone from Tennessee would have said.

On an ordinary day I would be pulling for the Dawgs.


Georgia, beware of youngsters wearing the Crimson and White looking to begin a new era of championships at T-Town. These guys are hungry, and they are an underdog TEAM coached by Nick Saban.