Steve Hallam Moving To Michael Waltrip Racing

Horn FanSenior Writer ISeptember 25, 2008

Steve Hallam at seasons end, will be leaving Team McLaren and F1. He'll be moving on to NASCAR to be director of race engineering for Michael Waltrip Racing.

He's leaving his job as head of race operations for Team McLaren and joining Michael Waltrip Racing this winter.

He's leaving behind a 27-year career in F1, having been with two teams: Team Lotus and McLaren. Participating in 430 Grand Prix races and winning five World Championships.

Hallam always wanted to try NASCAR racing, before his career in racing ends and Michael Waltrip Racing has given him that opportunity.

"NASCAR racing is invigorating and the spectacle the drivers and teams put on for the fans is phenomenal. I am not underestimating the challenges before me and I know the differences between Formula One and NASCAR are obvious. However the essence of what we will be doing is the same and that's is racing." (Dan Gelston)

I Was surprised by him going to MWR, I was thinking about Stewart-Haas Racing when I wrote the first article.

Regardless it's an upgrade for MWR signing Hallam, will be interesting to see how they fair through the '09 season and if all the team cars are in the top 35 it's a success.