Notre Dame Playing Roller Coaster Football in 2008

Tony BishopCorrespondent ISeptember 25, 2008

It is what it is, folks.  We're just going to have to adjust to the fact that this team can't play top quality football every week quite yet.

But that's not the problem with Notre Dame football and its fans.

When the Irish are good...we call them great and we give the head coach an extension.

When they're bad...we call them the worst team ever and try to fire the coach.

But this year they're both.  Or neither.  I'm not sure which.

San Diego was a win, but a bad one.  After Michigan we were back and planning on a battle of the unbeatens in the Coliseum.  Michigan State, however, pulled us back to the ground, and they ran all over us.

That's called a roller coaster. 

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