ESPN Does Not Know Hockey

JerseySenior Analyst ISeptember 25, 2008

According to ESPN's fantasy hockey rankings, new Rangers LW Markus Naslund is ranked 43rd overall. The man is 107 years old, but ESPN thinks he'll be the 43rd most valuable player this year.

Apparently Rick Nash (46) and Martin St. Louis (59) will not match The Ancient One's production.

Brendan Shanahan, incidentally, is ranked 73rd overall, despite not signing anywhere yet. ESPN apparently feels he will out-perform the likes of Scott Gomez (79), Chris Drury (81), Scott Niedermayer (82) and Zach Parise (99).

At least ESPN's users are wise: Naslund is owned in under 92% of leagues, and is drafted on average at around number 110, far later than 43. Shanahan is owned in a similar amount of leagues (yet remains unowned in the actual NHL), and is being drafted around number 85. Why Shanny is being drafted ahead of Naslund, I cannot tell you.

At least ESPN was smart enough to rank Marty Brodeur first overall. Even not from a fan's standpoint, he deserves that title: goalies make the biggest impact in fantasy by far, and Brodeur is the best one available.