Chicago Mayor Afraid of Wrigley Riot, Proposes Bars Cut Booze After Seventh

mark murrellCorrespondent ISeptember 25, 2008

Breaking news for Cubs fans: Mayor Richard Daley wants to cut liquor sales (voluntarily) in bars after the seventh inning until the end of the game. Why?

I find it difficult how curbing two innings of drinking will quiet the storming pack of Cubs fans. Of course, alcohol is not needed to enjoy the playoffs, but understand this, Daley, it is a big part of pro sports and Wrigley.

As mentioned earlier, the two-inning “booze cut” is voluntary, but there are threats that liquor licenses could be snatched if Wrigley bars do not cooperate. Daley sure has a great way of putting a huge shadow over the brightness of the Cubs clinching the division, and seemingly on track for the World Series.


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In the end, bars and fans will find loopholes and the police will not be able to control the chaos that is Wrigley during the playoffs and World Series.

Good luck with that, Daley.

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