NBA All Star Slam Dunk Video: Watch Blake Griffin Dunk over a Car For The Win

Ross ColemanAnalyst IFebruary 19, 2011

NBA All Star Slam Dunk Video: Was Blake Griffin’s Car Dunk The Best of Them All?

To no one’s surprise young Clipper star Blake Griffin won the NBA’s dunk contest. But was the dunk that sealed the deal the best one he had of the night?

It might not have been the most impressive dunk, but it was the most elaborately planned dunk that anyone has ever put together.

Not only did Griffin have the Kia Optima, the official car of the NBA, but he also was being serenaded by a choir from Crenshaw singing “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly.

To top it off Griffin’s teammate Baron Davis threw the forward a lob out of the sunroof of the car.

All of that sound unbelievable and maybe a little over the top but isn’t that what the Dunk Contest is all about?

I loved the showmanship and the execution, but there were more impressive dunks in the contest.

First off, Serge Ibaka got robbed. The Oklahoma City Thunder big-man showed us a dunk from behind the free throw line. He took off from farther away than Dr. J or Michael Jordan, but he managed to get just a 45 from the judges.

JaVale McGee really had some nice moments but his best moment was dunking two different balls on two different hoops that were next to each other. It was not only inventive, but it was well executed.

However, my favorite dunk of the night was Griffin throwing the ball off the backboard and finishing with the honey-dip like Vince Carter, hanging on the rim with his elbow.

Honestly, if you missed the Dunk Contest you may have missed the best one in history.