Earth Dream? What About Winning Races?

Sam WilsonContributor ISeptember 25, 2008

With only four more dates remaining on this seasons formula one calendar Lewis Hamilton is fighting off competition to remain at the top of the Drivers Championship and claim his maiden Championship title. Meanwhile down in 18th place with only 3 points, Jenson Button has endured yet another season of engine problems, breakdowns and a Honda car that just hasn't delivered.

This season promised to be something new for the struggling Honda outfit, with the addition of former Ferrari technical chief Ross Brawn as team boss and the unveiling of the new RA108, the teams aim was to consistently score points this season.

With the expectations of the British public now firmly placed on the shoulders of Lewis Hamilton, many perceived that Jenson Buttons performance would improve without the nagging scrutiny of the British media.

But this season the Honda package has failed to live up to the challenge yet again with the team scoring only 14 points overall, mostly due to a well driven race by Button's teammate Barichello to take third place at Silverstone.

The issue that is constantly  gnawing in the back of my head when I watch Jenson Button is "imagine what he could do in a better car," there is no doubt the guy has talent (he wouldn't be driving a F1 car for a living if he didn't) but I would long to see him in even a reasonably  competitive car rather than battling with the likes of Force India cars at the back of the grid! 

So it would seem there is a long road ahead for Honda in formula one, it would seem that next season is almost make or break as they need to put out a competitive package to keep Button in a Honda car. I'm hoping that under Ross Brawn the team can put together a car that can fulfill Jenson Button's dreams in Formula One, then we can think about the "Earth Dreams" afterward.