WWE News: Who Will Replace Dolph Ziggler In The Elimination Chamber?

Jonathan JacksonContributor IFebruary 19, 2011

I caught up with Smackdown today after I had recorded it on Friday night, not being able to watch the live showing of the taped show.

The notable event of the night was the ‘firing’ of Dolph Ziggler after Theodore Long returned after he was supposedly attacked weeks before when he was found by Michael Tarver, who keeps lurking around like some pointless shadow, but that’s another story.

I immediately found myself pondering who would replace Dolph in the Elimination Chamber taking place this Sunday.

The obvious replacement would be the man who knocked out Ziggler which would be the Big Show who has been used as a babyface in WWE in recent month.

I always like Big Show as a babyface; I think he always seems to interact with the fans well, but he is without a doubt more successful when he is a heel. He has gained almost all his titles as a heel so even if he is in the chamber I don’t think he will walk out the winner.

The other options for the chamber include The Undertaker. However it appears he will be returning on Monday Night Raw on the 21st.

The promos of his return have left almost no intrigue to the viewer’s anymore after revealing an image of The Undertaker in the last promo,  but never mind; it is always nice to hear a bit of Johnny Cash every time the promos appear.

The other wrestlers I think have a chance of possibly appearing in the chamber include Jack Swagger, who has almost disappeared completely from PPVs after being champion what feels like a day.

Another wrestler with an outside shot would be Kevin Nash, after he returned at the Royal Rumble; however, I feel that will be very doubtful.

The one person I really hope does return for this match is Christian, because for once it might actually make sense for him to compete in the match.

It would have him pitted against Edge, his on-screen brother and I may also lead to a big match against Alberto Del Rio, who supposedly injured him in the first place.

But somehow I really doubt this will happen. Hopefully, whoever WWE chooses, it will be a well thought-out choice and will lead to a great WrestleMania storyline.

Who do you think will or should replace Ziggler in the Chamber?