Ray's Predictions: Elimination Chamber 2011!

Ray SamuelsContributor IFebruary 19, 2011

Ray's Predictions: Elimination Chamber 2011!

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    Hello everyone! Ray here with my personal Elimination Chamber 2011 predictions! We are only a little over a month away from the Granddaddy of em’ all, Wrestlemania.

    This Sunday, we as fans will be making the final pit stop on our road to Wrestlemania. We will witness the second annual Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, which will emanate from Oakland, CA!

    This year’s card is definitely lacking in major star power; compared to last year’s anyway. Last year, we still had Undertaker, Batista, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho and Triple H involved in the PPV, in some manner.

    But that’s definitely not a bad thing as I find this year’s card to be much much more youth-based. And that’s always a good thing! 

    While last year’s event wasn't exactly the best that WWE provided us with, this year’s card looks to be more promising than last years!

    We have Edge going in as an 11-Time Champion, defending against Drew McIntyre, Kane, Mysterio, Barrett and an unknown opponent.

    We also have a Miz vs. Lawler bout for the WWE Title, Kingston vs. Del Rio as just a non-stipulation match and an Elimination Chamber for the No. 1 Contendership for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania featuring John Cena, John Morrison, Sheamus, R-Truth, Randy Orton and CM Punk. 

    Despite the lackluster build up that WWE has provided us with going towards the event, I’m still extremely excited for it because Elimination Chambers are one of my favorite match types.

    Any who, I’ll be doing a basic match-per-match breakdown of each official match, also providing a possible match rating of how I would think that match will turn out to be.

    So, without further adieu, let’s turn on the ignition!  

The Miz (c) vs. Jerry Lawler—Singles Match for the WWE Championship

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    I wouldn't say this is the most exciting match and feud if you will, going on in the WWE right now.

    Still, this match will be a good way to end the feud between the Miz and Jerry Lawler that they had sparking up for the past few months. It will most certainly also open up a rivalry between Cole and Lawler.

    To sum it up, this is basically a match where Lawler can reflect back to and say that he was big at one point in the WWE and in the title picture.

    It’s not a match that I would pay for, but the Chamber matches are the selling point on PPV.

    Unfortunately for Lawler, I don’t believe that he will be going into Wrestlemania as champion. WWE didn't even give Flair a final run before his retirement in 2008, so I wouldn't’ expect one here either.

    Jerry can still work extremely well in the ring for a 61-year-old, but I wouldn't expect him to take too many bumps.

    I expect Jerry to dominate most of the match, and Miz either to hit an unexpected Skull-Crushing Finale at the very end or Michael Cole and/or Alex Riley interfere causing a disqualification ending with Miz retaining the title.

    I hope for Miz’s sake that he wins cleanly, because that will at least give him some credibility going into Wrestlemania as champion.

    Miz beat Bryan in a very good match on last week’s RAW, as well as a somewhat clean victory over Kofi Kingston on SmackDown!

    But mid-carder aren't the best way to get a champion over, for Wrestlemania none-the-less.

    Not the best way that Miz can gain his last piece of momentum before going into Wrestlemania, but I can live with it.

    Predicted Winner: The Miz

    Projected Match Rating: 6.5/10

Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov vs. The Corre—WWE Tag Team Titles

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    This is another filler match for PPV. To be quite honest, I’d rather watch Eve vs. Natalya for the Diva’s title on PPV then this. WWE doesn’t give a damn about their tag-team division; so quite frankly, I shouldn’t give a damn about this match.

    We’ve seen this match countless times on SmackDown! and RAW for free, and even then, they weren’t the best or even thrilling of tag-team matches.

    This’ll probably be a bathroom break match for me, as well as for the crowd at the Oracle Arena.

    I could care less who wins. I don’t see a tag-team match happening at Wrestlemania anyway, so it doesn’t matter who wins this match cause it’s unlikely that the Tag-Team title will be defended at Wrestlemania anyway.

    Then again, I’d love to see the Corre win and the Nexus to challenge them at Wrestlemania for the title. At least then, their feud would have a bigger purpose.

    And it would even give one of the groups some gold. Maybe even a Triple Threat between Santino/Kozlov vs. Corre vs. Nexus. Man, that’d be a good match!

    Predicted Winner: The Corre

    Projected Match Rating: 5/10

Kofi Kingston Vs. Alberto Del Rio—Singles Match

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    Had this match been occurring 10 years ago with almost the exact same story lines going on, I’m certain creative would have thrown in a stipulation where “Winner gets the Wrestlemania title shot."

    The way I would have booked this is to have Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston two weeks in a row on SmackDown! in mini-matches.

    Del Rio wins with weapon usage without the referee noticing (similar to what Punk did to Cena this past Monday) and Kofi wins the next week clean.

    I would definitely also add in the stipulation of the winner getting a Wrestlemania title shot, just to add much more intensity and suspense.

    This would result in Del Rio obviously winning clean at Elimination Chamber, and the two continuing their feud after Wrestlemania with Del Rio gaining the World Heavyweight Title.

    Enough of my fantasy booking, but it’s kind of obvious who will win this match. Kofi has no momentum going in and still has a mid-card belt stuck on him.

    While Del Rio is on to bigger and better things. Just more filler to fill up the card for PPV. That being said, this match can also be fairly entertaining and can be a match of the night contender.

    Predicted Winner: Alberto Del Rio

    Projected Match Rating: 8/10

RAW Elimination Chamber—Winner Gets a WWE Championship Match at Wrestlemania 27

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    John Cena vs. John Morrison vs. Randy Orton vs. CM Punk vs. Sheamus vs. R-Truth

    Unless your name is John Cena, I think you have no chance in winning the Elimination Chamber match.

    Punk and Orton are going to continue their heated rivalry (which I’m quite enjoying by the way) during the match with one eliminating the other. So to say that CM Punk or Orton will win the Chamber is already off the table in my books.

    Sheamus is a heel, and obviously heel vs. heel makes no sense at Wrestlemania. Plus, Sheamus has no history whatsoever with the Miz.

    Speaking of Sheamus, I could see Triple H returning and beating Sheamus after he get’s eliminated. According to multiple sources, it will be Triple H vs. The Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

    If WWE really wants that, they need to end the Sheamus/Triple H feud as SOON as possible and focus on Triple H/Taker.

    Morrison would usually be a really good pick here, but they gave away that match for free the first week of 2011 in a Falls Count Anywhere match no less.

    I can’t see John Morrison main-eventing for the title this year; however, I definitely see it next year in Miami! And also, I'm really looking forward to what Morrison will pull off inside of Satan's structure with his parkour skills!

    Am I forgetting anybody in the chamber? Nope, I think I covered everybody who in all honesty actually stands a chance of winning at the Elimination Chamber.

    Oh wait! R-Truth is in the chamber as well! My mistake. WWE might as well have added Daniel Bryan to the match, because really, I’m sure Bryan stands more of a chance at winning the Truth.

    Plus it would have been much more entertaining had Bryan been in there.

    Miz cost Cena a Royal Rumble win last month. Booking 101 clearly states that if the champion gets into your business, you’re pretty much guaranteed a shot at their title.

    And with Wrestlemania on the horizon, Miz vs. Cena is looking to be set in stone. Unless WWE throws us a complete swerve, which I don’t see happening.

    That being said, this match can definitely be entertaining. I’m looking forward to how the eliminations will be handled by the booking team.

    Predicted Winner: John Cena

    Projected Match Rating: 7/10

SmackDown! Elimination Chamber—For The World Heavyweight Championship

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    Edge (C) vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Wade Barrett vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Kane vs. ???

    Saving the best for last. I’m highly anticipating this match for tomorrow. It can definitely outshine RAW’s Elimination Chamber, much like last year.

    Edge is looking like the most plausible to win. Creative already started building Edge vs. Del Rio right after the Royal Rumble. Edge vs. Del Rio is also already listed as one of the main-events for Wrestlemania XXVII at WWE.com.

    So it would be stupid not to have Edge win this match with all the build-up already occurring.

    Rey Mysterio would be a good option too; however, Del Rio and Mysterio haven’t even touched each other ever since their two out of three Falls match on SmackDown!

    Plus, Mysterio seems to be doing a program with Cody Rhodes all the way to Wrestlemania which I’m looking forward to.

    I’m not betting my money on Barrett winning just yet. Nexus vs. Corre is looking to be highly likely.

    And with CM Punk gone to feud with Randy Orton, and Ezekiel Jackson with Big Show, it leaves a perfect three-on-three situation for Corre vs. Nexus. Ryan/Otunga/McGillicutty vs. Barrett/Gabriel/Slater. As you can see, if Barrett wins, it’ll leave the match one man short on the Corre’s side.

    I’m not going to go too much into Drew McIntyre. The Kelly/Edge/Drew angle would be interesting to see, but as of now, I only see Drew McIntyre there to fill up the Chamber. I can’t see him winning.

    Same goes for Kane. He had a good reign as champion, but the only reason he was champion was to feud with Taker.

    A Mystery Opponent throws some much needed unpredictability to this PPV. I’m still thinking it will be Ziggler coming back because he was the champion until he lost to Edge. He still has a rematch clause towards the championship.

    Ziggler can win the championship leaving Teddy helpless to fire Ziggler since he is the champ. This could set up a really good Ziggler vs. Del Rio vs. Edge bout at Wrestlemania.

    My personal favorite to appear (not necessarily win) at the Chamber would be Christian. Christian could just appear, stay as the final two competitors and get eliminated.

    This would still set up my predicted match at Wrestlemania, Edge vs. Christian vs. Del Rio.

    Christian adds much more intensity to the championship match and the Wrestlemania feud itself because Del Rio and Christian have some history together.

    I’m not holding my breath here. It will most likely be winding up to be Cody Rhodes, Big Show or even one of the members of the Corre. Cody Rhodes has history with Mysterio, and Big Show with Corre, more specifically Ezekial Jackson.

    I’m not expecting somebody big like Christian to return, but that would be really nice on WWE’s part to do that. Even if Christian does return, I still see Edge retaining here.

    He has to start out fresh with his reign and regain all the momentum he lost as champion on this weeks SmackDown! which he can certainly do if he wins this Chamber match.

    Predicted Winner: Edge

    Projected Match Rating: 8.5/10

We’re Going to Wrestlemania XXVII!

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    This is the final pit stop guys. After this Sunday will be the weeks, we as wrestling fans, live for. Wrestlemania will take place on April 3, 2011, and I really believe it could be one of the greatest ever.

    Vince McMahon will make us tune in week in and week out to see the exciting programming that WWE will offer us. RAW and SmackDown! will step up to their A-game.

    It's times like these that I’m proud to call myself a Wrestling fan. Expect Elimination Chamber to be really entreating, and to some extent, unpredictable.

    On a complete side note, I love the theme song for the PPV. TobyMac’s Ignition (Watch it!) is one of my most favorite songs of all time. Here’s to hoping that this Sunday, WWE will indeed turn on the Ignition to Wrestlemania.