WWE: Luke's Detailed Elimination Chamber Predictions + Thoughts On The Rock

Luke Adamson@@RealLukeAdamsonCorrespondent IIFebruary 19, 2011

WWE: Luke's Detailed Elimination Chamber Predictions + Thoughts On The Rock

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    We are three weeks removed from the Royal Rumble, and this Sunday the annual Elimination Chamber PPV reaches our TV screens, the final PPV before WrestleMania.

    The brutal satanic structure longs to devour flesh, break bones and strike fear at the very heart of anyone who enters it. Well, it used to anyway.

    There is no doubt that with the current product, the match has lost its identity somewhat. We all know that on Sunday we will be seeing very little of the above characteristics of the match which used to be prolific a few years ago.

    That being said, last year's Elimination PPV was a fairly good one. We saw many twists and turns culminating in Shawn Michaels costing The Undertaker the world title and hence setting up that huge match between the pair at WrestleMania: the match that saved WrestleMania for the second year running.

    However, we do seem to be entering this PPV with very little hype surrounding it. Let's face it, there was only one story coming out of Raw this week and that alone eclipses anything that might happen at Elimination Chamber.

    Even more discouraging are the matches. There is no particular match at the event that I am overly bothered about seeing quite frankly, even though only five have been announced. Yet again, WWE have failed to build a PPV as they could and would have done in the past.

    Three weeks ago, I wrote my predictions for the Royal Rumble PPV, and to be honest, it pretty much lived up to my expectations, earning a 6.5/10 rating from me. So okay on the whole.

    I struggle to see how this PPV will match or do better than that, to be frank.

    Anyway before I get into my predictions, there is one more matter to discuss. Finally...

Finally, The Rock Has Come Back...Home

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    As I stated in the previous slide, anything that happens at Elimination Chamber will be nothing, and I mean nothing, compared to the return of The Great One on Raw.

    We had to sit through all the rumours for a week, speculation of the guest host for WrestleMania running riot with names such as Bob Barker, Justin Bieber, Will Smith etc., all being rumoured to be the one with the honour of hosting the grandest spectacle on earth.

    Through all that hype and speculation, most of us hardly dared to say The Rock in fear of jinxing it, but the fact is that The Rock is many times better as the guest host than any names mentioned above.

    At the end of a very solid Raw show this week that saw CM Punk beat John Cena and Miz put on a classic against Daniel Bryan, the time had finally come to reveal all.

    The Rock was unveiled as the host for WrestleMania, not just via picture or satellite but live in the arena, where he proceeded to cut the best promo since 2003.

    As a matter of fact, I think it is the greatest Raw moment in history.

    The Rock delivered all his patented catchphrases giving the middle finger to all the PG nonsense, even the censors gave up trying to protect the precious little ears of the children watching at home.

    The Rock told us all that he is 'never ever going away again,' and this to me was a very powerful statement and one I believe he will keep to the fans.

    He will not be a full-time wrestler, nor will he be a full-time on-screen character, but I think we'll be seeing what we saw in 2004 with him making sporadic appearances every couple of months.

    He went on to tell Michael Cole that he was going to do something special with his laptop if he didn't do what The Rock said and then told him he looked like a drunk hobbit. Absolute gold.

    He then had a few choice words for poster boy John Cena, creating a ton of speculation around WrestleMania. The Rock echoed I think what 90 percent of us think about John Cena, and I even think that Cena may be forced into a heel turn in the future as a result.

    My favourite lines of the Cena abuse were the mocking of the 'You can't see me' catchphrase and telling the crowd that Cena looked like he got shot out of Barney The Dinosaur's rear end.

    It makes Cena's corny comedy look sad.  

    To put it simply, The Rock created genuine Attitude Era humour and captivated the audience like no-one else can. John Cena should have been taking notes.

    The Rock has set a strong flame alight under WrestleMania, and most of us now feel real positive and excited about the event. Quite frankly, the Rock is the most popular WWE superstar ever and the best mic worker in history. Enough said.

    This Monday see the result of the 2.21.11 promo, and what with the epic events of last week's Raw, we could see a truly mammoth Raw rating this week. 

    The People's Champion has returned, and in one night he has created more buzz than anybody in the last seven years in WWE. 

WWE Tag Team Championship: Santino & Kozlov (c) Vs. Slater & Gabriel

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    Yes, WWE.com have exclusively announced that the tag titles will be defended at Elimination Chamber. Lets face it; the PPV would have been lost without them...

    I think that it is about time Santino and Kozlov dropped the belts. Santino is WWE's comedy cow and that is all well and good, but having him and Kozlov as tag champions turns the belts into a comedy act.

    The right thing to do here is give The Corre some gold to make them more credible and set up a Corre Vs. Nexus match at Wrestlemania. That's about as interesting as the tag titles are going to get, sadly.

    I also think that with Justin Gabriel's good in-ring move-set and Slater's reasonable attributes in that area, the two could be quite a good tag team if they work hard.

    Santino can have his comedy skit at Wrestlemania as usual and Kozlov can be released or made into a Tough Enough trainer.  

    Just thought I'd add that I now love The Cobra and thought that the finish of The Royal Rumble match was a lot of fun!

    Winners: Gabriel & Slater (New Champions)

Raw Elimination Chamber Match

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    First things first, why is R-Truth in the match? Just seeing the guy on Raw makes me tempted to change the channel; he is not main-event material and never will be.

    Unless WWE plans a big surprise in this match like the return of HHH or an appearance by The Rock costing Cena the match, it is only going to end up going one way.

    It has been rumoured for a long time that Cena Vs. Miz for the WWE title is planned for Wrestlemania and the fact that The Rock singled them both out on Raw serves to support this.

    No prizes for guessing who the winner is likely going to be then.

    Just as a side note, I see in the picture than Cena is doing his usual hand gesture, I'll never be able to look at that again without smiling remembering The Rock's take on it. Peek-a-boo Cena!

    What do I see happening in the match? Well I see R-Truth being Eliminated first which is obvious, but I see a solid encounter between the other combatants.

    John Morrison will likely be eliminated by CM Punk and Randy Orton will probably then eliminate Punk with an RKO. Sheamus will be eliminated by Cena leaving Orton Vs. Cena in the chamber.

    Cena will get the better in this exchange and go on to wrestle for a major belt again at Wrestlemania. What a surprise. I only hope that The Rock costs him the match.

    Winner: John Cena  

Alberto Del Rio Vs. Kofi Kingston

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    Alberto Del Rio won the Royal Rumble three weeks ago and needs something to do before his main event match at WrestleMania. Hi, Kofi!

    There is no way Kofi Kingston is winning this match, and all it does is serve to build Del Rio up a little bit more.

    However, it will probably be match of the night. Both men are gifted in the ring and have contrasting styles which should make this a great encounter.

    The build-up for the match hasn't been bad either, at least we have seen some interaction between the two unlike the tag title match.

    Del Rio is now in my top 10 favourite current wrestlers in WWE, and I feel WWE have done the smart thing giving him a world title match at WrestleMania. It keeps things fresh.

    Winner: Alberto Del Rio

WWE Championship: The Miz (c) Vs. Jerry Lawler

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    I cannot believe I just had to type that.

    This match is just about acceptable as a Raw main event, but not on PPV. WWE expects people to pay to watch this?

    Jerry Lawler has had a career deserving of a world title, I agree, but sometimes you don't get what you deserve.

    If WWE give Lawler the belt on Sunday, it will be a huge mistake. The Miz needs to look credible going into a Wrestlemania match with Cena, and losing to The King will not achieve that.

    He would have to win the belt back on Raw this Monday night to recover the situation.

    I really hope Lawler is not entering WrestleMania as world champion, because that would kill a lot of the momentum The Rock created on Monday.

    Let Lawler have his Wrestlemania match against Michael Cole with Jim Ross standing in for them on commentary. I have no problem with that, but I do not want to see Lawler defending the belt at WrestleMania. No way.

    This match will not be pretty, it will also not be exciting because The King is way past his best and it is asking a lot of Miz (or anyone in fact) to carry King.

    I expect Michael Cole to cost Lawler the match and set up the aforementioned match between the two. That will be the only interesting event that happens in this match.

    Couldn't WWE have thought of anything better? Like a rematch between Bryan and Miz? I think the truth is that WWE had no-one else to put in the match than Lawler, and that is a bit sad.

    Winner: The Miz (Still Champion)

Smackdown! Elimination Chamber For The World Heavyweight Title

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    This match seems to be the more interesting of the two Elimination Chamber encounters due to the kayfabe firing of Dolph Ziggler on Smackdown!

    This leaves a space open in the match for another competitor, and you never know it would turn out to be a big return of a guy like Undertaker or HHH. More than likely we'll see The Big Show added to the match to continue his feud with The Corre.

    The whole Dolph Ziggler firing storyline could be quite interesting, but I see him being back in the fold before WrestleMania. Possibly attacking Teddy Long.

    I think it is likely that a face will be winning this match, seen as Alberto Del Rio faces the winner at WrestleMania, and therefore the two logical options are Edge and Rey Mysterio.

    Personally, I wouldn't have much of an issue with seeing Mysterio face Del Rio at WrestleMania because they have had a decent feud. But the better option is to have him face Edge seen as they have not competed against each other before.

    Wade Barrett will probably be eliminated by Big Show, McIntyre by Rey Mysterio, Kane by Edge, Big Show by Edge & Mysterio and Mysterio by Edge.

    I am looking forward to seeing Edge Vs. Del Rio at WrestleMania; it should be a cracking match!

    Winner: Edge (Still Champion)