Seattle SuperSonics Fans Encouraged to Set Sonics Logo On Facebook

Commenting AlwaysContributor IFebruary 18, 2011

Gary Payton, Save Our Sonics and the Sonicsgate crew are encouraging Seattle basketball fans to set their Facebook display picture as a SuperSonics logo. The idea is to show the NBA that we still support the Sonics and would love to have our team back.

Several articles have credited the recent Egypt news as being helped on by Facebook organizers. Facebook is undoubtedly a great way to organize for change.

Setting a picture is better than signing a petition because it reminds everyone nearby that we used to have a team and hopefully we can do what is necessary to get one back. It is sad that we will probably end up with another relocated team from New Orleans or Sacramento or one of several other relocation threats, but, as the NBA is not in an expanding mood, it is our only choice.

I am expecting any team that moves up here to be called the Sonics. Expect something similar to the NFL's Cleveland Browns/Baltimore Ravens deal, unless Clay Bennett really wants to hold on to our city's only major championship.

I would think he would let us hold onto our history, but then again, who really knows?

We probably won't get a team for a few years, but I will try to take any necessary steps to bringing the Sonics back. For now, that step might just be changing my picture on Facebook. At least it's something to do in between watching '90s footage and watching Sonicsgate.