Blake Griffin Highlight Video: Watch Young All-Star Hit Head on the Backboard

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Can we really be surprised by anything Blake Griffin does anymore? I mean, when you heard someone had smacked their head on the backboard (and not on the bottom, clearly on the side), did you think it would be anyone other than Griffin?

Yet there he was, going for another alley-oop where he hurdles a player like he's running the 100-meters, when his face (the irresistible force) met the immovable object, literally. It was something to watch Griffin, almost able to jump over another human being again, but I guess this was the backboard getting its revenge.

All joking aside, I'm glad he's okay and he's very lucky that he hit the part of the backboard that was padded. But it's pretty impressive to see a player reach the backboard like that. I mean, I watched Michael Jordan growing up and I never saw him jump high enough to hit the backboard (unless it was on the Space Jam director's cut). I guess Shaquille O'Neal probably bumped his head off a few backboards in his prime. But that might've been when those backboards were on the way down, too.

And then he leaps over a forward, nonetheless. I know I said I'm numb to it, but that's still pretty darn good.

There's a big part of me that's trying to keep my expectations for the Slam Dunk contest tomorrow night grounded because the competition isn't bad, but it's not spectacular and we don't know how Griffin will be as an exhibition dunker when there are no New York Knicks to jump over.

Still, it should be a great show.

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