Blake Griffin: The NBA's Most Valuable Asset

Jason Schwarz@@EconomicTimingContributor IFebruary 18, 2011

Blake Griffin: The NBA's Most Valuable Asset

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    The 2010 All-Star weekend is officially Blake Griffin's coming out party.  As the event unfolds on his home turf, he will be plenty busy headlining the Rookie Challenge, the Dunk Contest and will become the first rookie since Yao Ming to play in the All-Star Game. 

    We’ve all watched the highlight reels as this 21-year-old prodigy defies gravity time and time again.

    But there is more to Blake Griffin than his string of nasty dunks. 

    As the son of a high school coach, Griffin plays the game with a level of intelligence and toughness that few possess.  Read along to discover the five reasons why Blake Griffin has quickly become the NBA’s Most Valuable Asset.

Blake Griffin Over LeBron James

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    Whatever happened to LeBron's 2010 Dunk Contest guarantee?  Anyone who tries to tell you that LeBron is the King needs to explain why he won't compete in a dunk contest, why he doesn't like to take the last shot, and why he felt the need to become a sidekick to D Wade!  

Blake Griffin Over Kobe Bryant

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    Kobe had a hard time with Michael Jordan in his early years but Blake had no trouble at all with Kobe.

    January 16th against the Lakers was a defining moment for Blake as he notched 18 points, 15 rebounds and got ejected in the final moments as he refused to back down to a condescending Lamar Odom.  

    Blake Griffin is one of those hard-nosed players who gets better when he gets mad.  We saw it in this Lakers game and we saw it against the Heat when Mario Chalmers made the mistake of crossing his path. 

    As the defending champ, Kobe is the man but his advanced age makes him less valuable than the 21-year-old Griffin.  The edge goes to Blake.  

Blake Griffin Overcomes Adversity

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    Sitting out the 2009-2010 season was a blessing in disguise for the young superstar.  The pent-up energy and enthusiasm for the game has unleashed a beast like we haven't seen in a long time.  

    Watching Griffin, you know that he plays each game as if it's his last.  He doesn't take the game for granted like some.  

Blake Griffin Has the Stats To Back Up the Highlights

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    Averaging 22.8 points per game along with 12.6 rebounds is quite a start!  Even more impressive are the double-doubles he has produced against every other All-Star big man.  

    Yes, we know his highlights are an important asset, but he's one of the few who can consistently amaze on a nightly basis.  

Blake Griffin Is Tough, Intelligent and Humble

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    What do you get when you mix the toughness of Karl Malone with the intelligence and humility of Tim Duncan?

    Blake Griffin.  

David Stern Is a Happy Man

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    Add it all up and David Stern is a happy camper.  The NBA has found the new chosen one to lead it into the next generation.  

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