Los Angeles Lakers: Dominos Will Fall If LA Gets Carmelo Anthony!

Joe VecchioContributor IFebruary 19, 2011


July 1, 2012, the start of the 2012 NBA free agency period, is a little over 16 months away. 

It's a short time to wait, especially knowing the potential prize or prizes for the team or teams lucky enough to sign Dwight Howard, Chris Paul and Deron Williams.

In the Los Angeles Lakers' case, assuming they do not make a trade for Carmelo Anthony, you can bet that the summer of '12 will see Jerry Buss open his wallet to secure Howard AND either Paul or Williams.

Fact is, by then Derek Fisher will barely be ambulatory, Ron Artest may or may not be totally cognizant of his surroundings and some of the remaining supporting cast of the "over 30" crew are certain to be shuffled off to Buffalo or parts unknown.

However, in anticipation of bringing D-Howard to LA, the best news of all will be the departure of the second coming of Elden Campbell, Andrew "Big Baby" Bynum!

Yeah, I've been harping on him and his weak-ass game for years.  But with good reason.

His career stats are almost identical to Campbell's.  Bynum's career averages are 23.8 minutes per game, 10.4 points per game, and 6.8 rebounds per game compared to Elden's 24.7 minutes per game, 10.3 points per game, and 5.9 rebounds per game.

Worse, both players' playoff stats drop considerably, Bynum's more than Campbell's. Bynum's career playoff stats are, 19.6 mpg, 7 ppg, and 5.2 rpg.  Campbell's are 21.4 mpg, 8.4 ppg, and 4.7 rpg. 

To be brutally honest, the numbers don't lie and bear out the fact that Bynum is on a par or barely a cut above the aforementioned Campbell.

What Jim Buss sees in him is beyond THE VECCHIO FACTOR'S comprehension.  He's a big, fragile body with limited skills, who is getting paid "20-10" money, and NOT producing!  

And the biggest joke is Buss believes Bynum is the next Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, while the Laker coaching staff just wants Bynum to stop pouting about touches and anchor the defense by protecting the paint, rebounding, and blocking shots.

The author of the book "The Show" and Truehoops.com contributor, Roland Lazenby, was right when he said, "It's ludicrous to think of Jim Buss as a personnel guy. I don't know Jim Buss, but I do know that he should study hard how to be a good owner. He is not a personnel guy, and he should not sit anywhere close to the GM's office."

Think about it, Laker fans, Jim Buss, Jerry's 47 year old "owner in waiting," who once said, "10 guys in a bar could draft as well as NBA scouts," will one day be his daddy's successor as the owner of the Los Angeles Lakers. 

Perish the thought!

He must have been one of those 10 guys in the bar, because Mr. "No Clue" drafted Mr. "Big Stiff," Andrew Bynum, and has put all his eggs in the basket of arguably an "injury prone," immature, mediocre NBA player, who, up until now, for one reason or another, has been a major disappointment.

And the kicker is Buss is paying the second coming of Elden Campbell a couple of million less (13.8 mil) than the 16 million per year that LeBron, Wade and Bosh are getting in Miami!

On the other hand, Carmelo Anthony, albeit a supposed knucklehead, is a 26 year old, bonafide NBA top 10 superstar, who, if paired with 24, will jack his game up to even greater heights he has not yet reached!

With Carmelo, Bryant doesn't have to solely carry the "crunch time" scoring load, and the wear and tear of his minute load will be reduced with the addition, and much needed help, of a reliable scorer like Anthony. 

These factors unquestionably can translate to extending Bryant's career.

But here's where the "Domino Effect" comes into play.

Getting Carmelo would also show the rest of the league that the Lakers still rule, that "star power" is their mantra, and they will do ALL they can to continue to be the NBA's premier franchise!

Forget about the Knicks and the Nets!  These are "wanna be" teams that, even if they got Anthony, are a long, long way from taking home the NBA title belt.

If LA was smart, they would do a sign and trade with Denver using the two main pieces of Bynum and Anthony, and include other players like Shannon Brown and Ty Lawson to make the cap work.

Once done, LA would be in position to get Dwight Howard because the Lakers will undoubtedly still be a championship threat with KB, Pau, Melo and Lamar when Howard officially becomes a free agent in 2012.

The dominos will start falling with Carmelo in the Laker fold, and the "Domino Effect" will be completed with D-Howard's signing in the summer of '12.

As much as Howard loves Hollywood, it would be hard for him to say no to a stacked, championship-ready Laker team with a glitzy core of youth and experience, thereby insuring another decade of Laker dominance.

However here's the rub, according to reports, Jim Buss was the main impediment to making a Bynum for Carmelo trade a reality, having turned down the deal two weeks ago.

So, Laker Nation, you have a problem that has been kept from you for some time.  

Beneath the present on-court Laker problems lies a Buss family power struggle with Jim Buss at the center of controversy.

Laker coaches and players, namely Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant, are in favor of bringing in the young superstar, Carmelo Anthony, who will instantly give the Lakers and their fans new life, as well as the entertainment value player they're accustomed to...with D-Howard to follow.

By getting him, the domino process begins, infusing youth and star power into the tired Laker roster, ingredients necessary to continue the Lakers' status as the most glamorous NBA franchise.

And with other superstar, "bright lights, big city" stars to follow!

It's all good except for one dissenting voice that so far has impeded the dominos from falling, the voice of dissension, the "BIG IMPEDIMENT," Jim Buss!


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