Toronto Raptors: Getting to Know Jamario Moon

Allan WexlerCorrespondent IJanuary 10, 2008

The feel good story of the year for the Toronto Raptors—and perhaps the entire NBA—has been the emergence of Jamario Moon.


At a free-agent camp last summer, Jamario Moon literally and figuratively jumped into the spotlight and earned an invite to Raptors training camp—with an infinitesimal chance of making the team, but with the hope of showing off his talents for some other club tat might need an extra body.

Six months later, Moon is an integral part of the starting lineup for a team which will challenge in the Eastern Conference. He's also garnering support from fans across the NBA for his acrobatic leaping ability, and for the energy he brings day-in and day-out.

Moon has had some dry patches recently, but with five blocks Wednesday night against the 76ers, one has to take note of the 27-year-old who's finally getting paid NBA money.

You can't help but root for Moon. He doesn't have an entourage, and has maintained his small-town manner without any glimpse of an attitude. He played in his home state of Georgia recently, and made sure that his immediate family were all there to see him.

Moon acknowledged that many old friends were trying to become hangers-on, but he sticks to the philosophy that only his immediate family gets preferential treatment.

Last week, the Raptors picked up Moon's contract for the balance of the year—and I'd be shocked if he didn't become a first-team All Rookie selection this season.

Moon has become to the Raptors what Dennis Rodman was to the Bulls—a shutdown defender and a terrific rebounder. Add to that the fact that Moon's offensive game is more balanced than Rodman's, and you have a guy who'll play in the League for many years.

Catch Moon the next time he's in town. He's worth the price of admission.