Claude Lemieux Could Be Next In The Devils' Reunion Tour

JerseySenior Analyst ISeptember 25, 2008

It just makes so much sense!

Claude Lemieux is mulling a comeback, and while his chances are slim, I would not be terribly shocked to see him back in New Jersey. After all, he is an ex-Devil, so he fits this year's shopping plan. Plus, he's a fourth-liner, so he'd have tons of buddies.

He's also 43, so I honestly doubt this will amount to anything. And he's skating with the Mickey Mouse organization in Phoenix, not the Devils. But still, stranger things have happened.

As far as former Devils go, I'd much prefer the still unsigned Brendan Shanahan, who recently turned down an invite to skate with the Rangers. Sure, he's old, but he's still got some game. Guy scored over 20 goals last year, and considering how much the Devils tend to score, that's not bad. He'd come cheap, too. He didn't want to be a mentor with the Rangers, he wanted to play; the Devils would give him that chance. There's a little cap room left, and I think it'd be a decent signing. Nothing major, but not a bad move at all.