Jerry "The King" Lawler Should Win the Belt at WWE Elimination Chamber

Josh McCainSenior Writer IFebruary 18, 2011

At WWE Elimination Chamber, no one expects Jerry "The King" Lawler to walk out as the WWE Champion, but maybe he should.

After all it's no secret that professional wrestling is scripted.  Matches are predetermined and champions are crowned by Vince McMahon saying, "We're going to put the strap on so-and-so."

The champion isn't always the best wrestler in the company, but a face who can carry the company with his popularity or a heel who just drives the fans insane.

Lawler doesn't fit either of those categories.  He doesn't even fall into the rarely used, "sure he might not carry the company now, but has a lot of potential" or transition champion.

However, to me Lawler falls under a special category that I don't think many will agree with me, but him winning the belt at Elimination Chamber could very much be a lifetime achievement award.

Lawler has been in wrestling since the 70's, and outside of the WWE, he's most famous for smacking around Andy Kaufman.

Since coming to the WWE in the early 90's, Lawler has served mostly has a color commentator, but had a few memorable feuds with Bret Hart along the way.

He's stepped into the ring a couple of times for the Royal Rumble, and has defended his long-time broadcasting partner Jim Ross.

Lawler has seen and done it all in wrestling except capture the WWE title.

In spite of being scripted, the WWE likes to walk a fine line of believability with its outcomes.  You don't often see huge underdogs win, at least without help, and even with help that almost never happens with the WWE title.

Is Lawler beating The Miz even slightly believable?

Not really.

I'm sure in a fight Lawler could hold his own against a younger and more fit opponent, but he'd eventually lose.

However, I say that believability should be damned. Pull back the curtain of the WWE and celebrate a wrestler who is not only well respected by all the fans, but by most of the wrestlers as well.

I remember the superstars' celebrations when Kurt Angle and Mick Foley first won their titles (respectfully). I would imagine Lawler winning to be an even bigger spectacle.

I think it's high time for the WWE to do right by one of their longest tenured talents.

I mean, after all, if Vince McMahon can hold the belt, can't Jerry the King Lawler?