Hey Boston... Shut Up About Tom Brady Already

kyle erhaContributor ISeptember 24, 2008

Here in New England, it's the most wonderful time of the year.  Christmas aside, there is nothing that beats the Red Sox in the playoffs, and the start of pre season for the NBA champion Boston Celtics.  Combine that with the ever so lovely natural beauty of New England at this time of year, and things could not be much better.  So why is it that any time I turn on any sort of local sports radio/tv, I still have to hear about Tom Brady?!

In the interest of full disclosure, I am not now, nor have I ever been, a Patriots fan.  In fact, I'm a Buffalo Bills fan, so to say I hate the Patriots might be an understatement.  Also know that I wish Tom Brady no actual harm.  As much as I (and most of the country) may scream for his head on a weekly basis, no one actually wants to see this sort of thing happen to an athlete.  Can I enjoy the fact that he is out and that Pats are left scrambling while the Bills roll along, seemingly unimpeded?  Can and do.

Now that we've got that out of the way, let's address the issue at hand.  The Red Sox are days away from beginning their World Series defense.  Does that not mean anything to you people anymore?  This team is not without it's issues either, there is plenty to talk about as the final days of the regular season draw to a close.  J.D. Drew played for the first time in forever tonight, and had a grand total of two at bats while he continues to get shot up in an attempt to be able to do anything in the playoffs.  Will is be Wake or Byrd in the playoff rotation? (Byrd, sadly) How crazy is Bartolo Colon?  (Super crazy) Why the hell did they not make a serious attempt at Taylor Teagarden at the deadline?  (Your guess is as good as mine, and mine involves Theo, Tijuana, a donkey show and a digital camera.  So... good guess)  Julio Lugo, remember that guy?  (No)

There's also the Celtics, who are taking their first baby steps towards their attempt to repeat as NBA champs.  Does that not mean anything to you people anymore?  And as good as this team is, and everyone expects them to be, they're not without their own questions.  Will the loss of Posey hurt them come playoffs? (Yes) Can, "The Big Three" repeat last season's incredible regular season run? (It'll be close)  The Post season run?  (Absolutely)  Is Leon Powe about to seriously breakout? (Not this season, but 2009... watch out)  Why did they not take the absolute steal of the draft at their pick, CDR?  (I'm still screaming out it, so you tell me)  Is Sam Cassell's alien head honestly their plan to backup Rondo?  Seriously?  (Seriously?)

I hear the Bruins are sort of good.  Maybe.  I think some people are into that sort of thing.

All of that aside, I turn on WEEI, I turn on Comcast Sports Net or NESN (outside of Sox coverage, and even during it sometimes), and all I continue to hear about is Tom Goddamn Brady?  Let me break it down for all the impossibly slow folk in the greater Boston area.  Tom Brady is out.  For the season.  Yeah, no joke.  He'll be back next year.  It's not a career ending injury.  No you do not have a good backup plan.  In fact, you don't have a backup plan at all.  Yes, Matt Cassel is this bad.  And yes, Randy Moss is about to quit on the season.  Dante Culpepper retired because he sucks.  He cannot lead the Pats to glory this season or ever.  The Pats defense is nowhere near as good as it has been in recent years.  It cannot account for the complete and total lack of an offense.  Yes, your season is over.

I personally cannot understand where the confusion lies.  You'd think getting absolutely waxed by Miami (Miami!) would have been the final piece of evidence to solve this mystery.  Col. Mustard, in Arrowhead, with Bernard Pollard.  Mystery solved!

Worse yet, it's not like we're looking at the end of a dynasty here.  We're talking about one shitty season, where the Pats should be able to pick back up last season barely missing a beat.  To top it off, one shitty season will lead to one much higher draft pick this year.  One you'll actually get to keep and use this time!  So you'll get to add a low-middle round first round talent to this team.  Or more likely, turn it into multiple later picks where Bellichick manages to find even more, better talent.  And I don't know if I've mentioned this, but I hate the Pats.  And even I can see, and admit this.

The most impressive/awful thing about all of this?  It's a bye week for the Patriots!  Give it a rest for a week at least!  Jesus, you people are killing me.