Undertaker or Triple H, Who'd Retire? A Dissenting View of Wrestlemania Showdown

Chinmay@@iTsChinmaySenior Analyst IIFebruary 22, 2011

WWE’s promo of 2.21.11 finally reached its conclusion on Raw last night. Triple H vindicated the speculations as he showed up to confront returning Undertaker in somewhat anticlimactic situation. The confrontation was not exactly epic as many would have wanted. It however confirmed the notion of Triple H going against the Undertaker at upcoming Wrestlemania.

The storyline for the confrontation is still not known to the fans. There are many probabilities and many potential twists. HBK’s involvement as a special guest referee is plausible. There is a chance that it will be made another Career vs. Streak match. I have another rather catastrophic feeling that there might be a stipulation where the Undertaker would have to retire if he wins or loses. The mystery GM might have a role to play as well.

There is no doubt in my mind that this match would be great and a huge draw. There is a potential for compelling storyline and build up.

Moreover, there is no need to bash WWE on this front before we wait for a while and let the story unfold. At this moment we have no clue as to why the Undertaker appeared on Raw when his culprits are on Smackdown. Therefore, I will keep my hopes up on this aspect.

However with all that being said, I still have a niggling pessimistic feeling for this match when it comes to remaining aspects. I am not a naysayer and I never crib unless there is rational reason behind it.

This match definitely speaks money. However when it comes to business, money and the short term profits are merely superficial goals. Implications of this match do not predict any glorious outcome for a long-term future.

I will start with the first bone I have with this match, which is stipulations. With potential stakes being so high, there is no scope for absence of stipulations. This might be a streak vs. Career or even Career vs. Career match.

Then if we look at the prospect of a career being on the stake, I am pretty sure it is not the HHH who is going, it would be the Undertaker.

Triple H is still in a very good shape and can go on for another year or two. Undertaker on the other hand cannot even be guaranteed to be at the next Wrestlemania (XXVIII). Think of it logically, and then we realize that Triple H’s retirement at this time does not seem rational.

The next problem with this match is neither is going to benefit at this moment by retiring another. The Undertaker sure deserves to retire Triple H, but it will not add much to his legacy. His legacy transcends all these accolades at this moment. A man to retire the D-X is not essential for him. After the divine battles he had with HBK, it becomes even more unnecessary.

On the other hand, just imagine how epic it would be for a relatively new main-eventer to retire HHH. If HHH is coming back as a heel (Which public is never going to buy), then a new face can earn his place in history by receiving the honour. It would not seem unrealistic or absurd. Where as if HHH is back as a face (which is the case, irrespective of supposed roles), then still a new face can do the job.

One name that comes to my mind in both the scenarios is John Morrison. We don’t have to traverse far back in history. Just roll back to 2008-09 and recall how HHH got Jeff Hardy over while both were being faces. The quest for request is not new to Pro-wrestling. Such a scenario would have brought out every ounce of passion of John Morrison and I firmly believe they would have put on a match to talk about.

On the other side we have arguably the biggest legend of pro-wrestling, The Undertaker. Without a shadow of doubt, Undertaker is the longest reigning monster draw in the history of this business. It’s been 20 freaking years, since he first became the WWE champion.

Facing him in his last match and that too at the Wrestlemania is an honour of simply surreal magnitude. Win or loss does not matter; being there would be enough for a man to write his place in history. Leave aside his last match, facing him at the Wrestlemania is now as big as the championship shot at the main event.

Well, and as to retiring the Undertaker, I am sure even WWE does not know the way to do it. No mortal can fit to the billing of "A man who retired the Undertaker" at this moment.

Such a case begs one question, is another shot at the Streak necessary for Triple H? What is he going to gain? Answer is plain and simply negative. Honestly there is hardly anything Triple H has not achieved in his career. We never really mention Triple H in the same breath as the Undertaker and HBK, but he is just a one pedestal below and that is big enough. He does need to face the Undertaker and moreover he surely does not need to face the Undertaker in his last match.

The last point I have is, imagine what would have it meant for new person like Barret to face Undertaker at the Wrestlemania. He never has a chance to even challenge the streak, nobody has that in fact. Yet, losing to the Undertaker after giving everything would have done wonders to a new guy.

Scepticism regarding the match quality is neither so true. First off, no match can even think of following up the duel of HBK and Taker. Secondly, Undertaker even at this age is capable of not only giving his all but also of carrying good opponents to a great match. He has a burning passion for this business and when it comes to Wrestlemania he would give in his body to make it one lasting memory.

Since we have discussed all the major issues, I have one last remark in the favour of my argument. For a newcomer, facing the likes of Big show/Mark Henry or competing in MITB is not just the same as facing either Taker or the HHH. WWE has lost one opportunity to shoot two people to stardom in the lure of short term profit.