Carmelo Anthony Trade Speculation: Why He Should Go To the Atlanta Hawks

Jamaal FosterCorrespondent IFebruary 18, 2011

Anthony Looking over Options
Anthony Looking over OptionsDoug Pensinger/Getty Images

The fans of the Atlanta Hawks have officially thrown our hats into the ring for the services of Carmelo Anthony, and I report that it is the best deal for all parties.

Carmelo is reported to want to be the lead dog on a East Coast basketball team with major marketing ability and a bright, competitive future.

The New York is the city of Broadway; I'd suggest the nation's focus is turning towards the south.  The reverse of the great migration of the 60's and 70's is bringing the nation's population south, not just for the hospitality and the weather.  Two of the nation's fastest growing cities (Charlotte and Atlanta) are in the region and Atlanta is widely considered the capital of the burgeoning region.

Atlanta is not only the capital of the south, but could be the capital of the basketball marketing world.  TNT and NBA TV are both based in, you guessed it, Atlanta.  If you bring your talents to the A-Town, you will be an easy cover for two of the most important modes of TV marketing for the NBA.

'Melo, we know this move is about Lala and her entertainment career.  There is no better place for Lala to be than the ATL.  She can be either an Atlanta Housewife OR a Basketball wife from here.  By goodness, this is "Black Hollywood" and she could find herself in the next Tyler Perry Studio production.

We all know this trade is not only about the city.  We also have to talk basketball.  Atlanta can put a very good team around you despite trading pieces to get you.  The Hawks can give up a Jamal Crawford, Josh Smith or a Marvin Williams and still team you up with two perennial All-Stars.  All Denver has to additionally part with would be a Nene or, preferably to me, a "Birdman" to replace Josh Smith.

Just imagine this starting lineup of Mike Bibby, Joe Johnson, Carmelo Anthony, Al Horford and Chris Andersen.  This lineup will be able to go toe-to-toe with any other in the league.

So, Carmelo, we have the most to offer and I'm sure Rick Sund has something like this in his plans.  Doesn't he?