WWE: Why Today's Wrestlers Shouldn't Be Called Great When Compared To Past Guys

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IIFebruary 18, 2011


When you look at today’s Wrestling “Superstar,” it seems as if they along with everyone else are either very similar in nature or very good in one aspect of their profession.

For instance, CM Punk, former World Champion: When you look at him what do you see, I see nothing more than a guy with great vocal ability; while this is hard to find in the modern sport, I feel as if people today are to sidetracked when determining who is great and who is not.


(Not my video, just an opinion by a WWE fan.)

I see comments with people stating that CM Punk is one of the best superstars that there is in the game or Daniel Bryan should not be jobbing to anyone.

However, no one has ever stated that Lance Storm should not be jobbing to anyone, yet he started of the same time as Jericho and is more likely a better wrestler athletically then anyone else in the business—yet, no glory for him.

Today’s wrestling fan is perhaps unfortunate not to have had high prolific superstars such as Austin, Rock, Angle, Benoit, Guerrero, Lesnar, Goldberg and a few others who really broke barriers down and made the business into a global phenomenon. 

If this is the case then it is understandable to some extent; however, I just don’t see how people can compare Cena with the Rock, or Morrison with Michaels.  


Examples of great Wrestlers of this Era who stand out!

John Morrison

Morrison is not listed on here because people resemble him to Shawn; it is because his style of wrestling and innovation is something unique and different that only Rey Mysterio can pull of.

His Spiderman move at the 2011 Royal Rumble was evidence that this guy is nothing more then a Spotlight Sensation. Like Shelton Benjamin, both men are incredible in the ring and are often ignored due to their average to subpar mic skills.

I don’t care if he does not win a World Title, because people like Morrison, Benjamin and others don’t suit the WWE title equation; they should be fighting for the IC or United States Championship belt and stay in the Midcard.



People like the Miz, Alberto, Ziggler and McIntyre don’t deserve to be fighting for the WWE Title; they have nothing on guys like DLO Brown, William Regal, Lance Storm, Ken Shamrock etc, therefore, why should they get precedence when guys in the past never did?


Alberto Del Rio

Alberto is often referred to as a weaker yet more charismatic Dean Malenko; for me, this is his only reason as to why he won the Rumble and as to why he is getting such a massive push.

Alberto has great in ring skills, ever since the likes of Benoit passing and Angle leaving. the WWE has failed to create a new submission, technical wrestler. Sure, they have Swagger, but ironically it’s his lack of Swagger that has pushed him down the ranks of the Smackdown roster—his World Title reign has to be one of the worst reigns ever.

It’s like the old saying goes: “You don’t know what you have lost until it’s gone.”

Before the arrival of Alberto Del Rio, everyone was talking about how great Punk, Swagger and others were; however, as soon as he came to the WWE everyone’s perception of other superstars changed.




For me, he is one of the big players in the future of wrestling.

Yes, he is a two time WWE Champion and yes, the WWE thought they could create a new Lesnar by pushing someone that quick to the WWE title reign.

While I don’t agree with the comparison, I am happy that the WWE found someone who can work with Cena and Orton in the main event and still put on a good show.

I see a likening to him from Wade Barrett.




Superstars who should not be pushed so high?

Nexus and the Corre

Ok, these wrestlers for me are way too annoying and without a doubt do not deserve to be in the position they are today.

At first it was a good idea; however, how can you create such a dominate stable when prior to their creation, they were considered “rookies?” It’s like saying if you make a group of six Colin Delaynee’s, then they would destroy the competition as well.

All eight or 10 of these men were given more air time then anyone I could think of; veterans such as Mark Henry, Goldust, Regal and others were all sidelined and misused, yet Nexus were given a five month shopping spree in the main event.

I don’t see how Nexus can destroy the Undertaker, yet five years ago Undertaker used to consistently beat stables singlehandily such as Right to Censor, the Smackdown roster and The Cabinet.



Kofi Kingston

All this guy needs is the WWE Championship, which in time I am sure he will win then we will have a new Triple Crown Champion.

They are giving away these credentials like candy: Cena is already a 10 time World Champion—he surpassed the Rock, Hogan and Austin.

Kofi is a two time IC Champion, tag team champion and former US Champion; why does he deserve so many opportunities?

Is it because he is the flavor of the month or is it simply the fact that the WWE are short of superstars?

Don’t get me wrong, I think he is great, but if Kofi Kingston can get all the titles then guys such as Road Dogg, X-Pac or even Christian deserved more then what they got.

The WWE are focusing too much attention on young superstars and are failing to find a balance between them and the midseasoned veterans; that’s why besides Edge, Cena and Orton the rest of the locker room are equal in terms of status.

One week, McIntyre could be fighting for the World Title and the next week it will be Ziggler.


Wrestlers who Deserve to be on the top:


DH Smith, Tyson Kidd

Chavo Guerrero

Ted Dibiase Jr.

Cody Rhodes



Not that my opinion counts, nor do I expect anyone to agree, but I just feel that people are too disenfranchised with the sport today that they feel superstars of today are the best ever.

A good example is the fact that when Jericho was the only decent one left, everyone jumped on his bandwagon, yet when The Rock, Angle and others were still in the WWE, no one gave Jericho a second look.

I just feel that if you want to put Kofi over or CM Punk then they need to go through the routes Cena, Orton and Batista did, start of as jobbers (nobodies) then work your way through the card and eventually, you will start to generate some sort of reaction instead of coming in your debut and getting an opportunity.


Comment you opinions.

(If this article does not make sense, just watch the Rant interview on the Kofi and CM Punk section, it is more or less what I am trying to point out.)


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