Fire and Ice: Who's Taking Mysterio's Spot Once He Retires?

RiZESenior Writer IFebruary 17, 2011

A few weeks ago, I broke the news of the WWE’s interest in signing Mexico’s top star. The box office draw of 2006 and the past decade signed a WWE contract a few weeks ago. I know we’re all wondering why the WWE is increasing the number of Hispanic talent.

WWE’s top Hispanic guy, Rey Mysterio, has been plagued by a number of injuries in the past and his future is in question.

With the possibility of Rey’s retirement, the WWE needs an individual to retain the Hispanic audience, which is a focal point on Friday Night Smackdown.

Hence Mysterio’s short run on the RAW brand.

The WWE brought in Alberto Del Rio as a replacement, but with the addition of a former star, the problems were bound to arise. All Hispanic wrestlers wear masks as a symbol of their homeland and heritage and the WWE forced Del Rio to remove his mask.

Could you imagine Del Rio roaming about with a mask on television?

Backstage heat on Del Rio arose when he complained about the removal of his mask. Weeks passed and the conflict died down, only to have another Del Rio controversy arise.

Del Rio was under the impression that he would spend a short amount of time in FCW: the WWE’s developmental territory.

Del Rio spent six months and soon became frustrated with management and threatened to quit.

Now Del Rio is on his way to a title match at WrestleMania due to him winning the Royal Rumble. Up until today, Del Rio and Mistico never crossed paths.

Multiple news sites have reported that Del Rio isn’t happy with the WWE signing Mistico. With Mysterio undoubtedly retiring in the next five years or so, Del Rio doesn’t want any competition for the top Hispanic role.

While I don’t know if there is any truth to these stories; if they’re indeed true, it would be simply ridiculous. I’ve always thought competition was the best way to improve. When another is going for the spot you desire, you have to outshine your opponents and take the role.

Mistico is Mexico’s biggest star and has the tools to take Mysterio’s place when he leaves. Like I’ve stated before, Mistico’s flashy moveset reminds you of Mysterio from WCW or ECW in the 90s. At this point, I’m hoping this is speculation but if not, I believe Del Rio should take the ball the WWE have given him and run with it.

It seems as if he’s threatened by Mistico’s presence and potential to overtake him.

Mistico should be an exciting superstar once he completes his training down in FCW, which is set to begin tomorrow.

Only time will tell but my question to the B/R is who is the next Hispanic sensation? Alberto Del Rio or Mistico?