Steelers-Ravens: A Nine-Year-Old Previews Monday Night Smackdown

Edward DegtyaryovCorrespondent ISeptember 24, 2008

On Monday night there’s going to be a smackdown between AFC Central rivals Baltimore and Pittsburgh.  I think it will be going back and forth, until the fourth quarter, when the Steelers take over and dominate.  Chalk up another win for the Men from Steel Town.


But the question is: can Pittsburgh stop Le’Ron McClain and the Ravens' running game? The answer to that is: yes, they can.


I do not think the two teams the Ravens played so far have had nearly as good of a defense as the Steelers have. I think the key to the game will be defense. Like they say, defense wins the games!


I expect the Ravens to go out there and play like they have never played before.  The Raven's young 23-year-old quarterback, Joe Flacco, will need to step up and get some yards on the ground by himself.


The Ravens need to take advantage of easy opportunities and the Steelers also have to play really hard, because the Ravens are a better team than they think.


With the Steelers' blitzburg and their hard-hitting linebackers I think there is no way the Ravens can win. The Ravens offense needs to get the Steelers defense tired.


Overall, I think it will be a tight game. The key target for the Steelers is Hines Ward; and the Ravens defense cannot afford to let them get first downs on third-and-long.


They have to force turnovers on defense. 


My prediction is: The Pittsburgh Steelers will have 42 points and the Baltimore Ravens will have 25 points.


Well, that is all. I hope you liked it and sent me a comment.