Smackdown's Change Another Sign Of Disinterest?

Kyle BeanContributor ISeptember 24, 2008

So just when one may think its safe to settle down and watch Smackdown!, the brand jumps ship and changes networks. Despite all efforts of regaining viewer ratings on Smackdown!, the WWE still seems to have trouble drawing in an audience for Smackdown!.

This story is a little different for me, because Smackdown! is how I got involved with WWE. After the first change from Tuesday Night Smackdown!, to Friday nights, I have only watched RAW and will not waste my time on Smackdown!.

The draft utterly depleted Smackdown!, despite Triple H jumping over. Granted Triple H is a great draw as champion, one man can't carry the weight alone. Just look at the WWE Championship Scramble. Where were all the big names?

Jeff Hardy maybe, just maybe, can carry the WWE championship, but its not the same as a Triple H, or The Undertaker, or Batista. Instead of putting Taker in a fued with The Big Show, why can't WWE throw them into a lackluster title picture? What I mean by that is this: Jeff hardy is your number one contender, while the likes of Show and Taker are feuding over VICKY GUERRERO?

To this day I believe that Vicky should be nowhere near a WWE ring. Her stupid gimmicks and terrible acting are destroying the image of the late Eddie Guerrero. Eddie is my favorite WWE Superstar of all time, and it makes me sick to see Vicky on the television.

Which leads up to another change to yet another network. The WWE should cut their losses and combine ECW and Smackdown! in one, and share PPV time with RAW, because most of the same brand oriented PPV's don't draw as much as a Multi-Branded show.