There is a God: A Day of Reckoning in Detroit Sports

Andrew PargoffCorrespondent ISeptember 24, 2008

What a day it has been.

Matt Millen or as he is better known in Detroit, the Anti-Christ, is out of the Detroit Lions front office. Things should be looking up for Detroit. Maybe we won't take a receiver in the first round next year. But hey, why not go for five in a row? Maybe we won't go 3-13 again, but hey, why not blow another season for a shot at Percy Harvin?

Don't get me wrong, the Lions will still have a bad season. They will probably have a bad 2009 campaign. But this is a start; and a great one. It's damn sure overdue though. I'm interested into who they will bring in to replace him as GM. And once this season is over, who they will bring in to replace Rod Marinelli.

The Lions head coaching job is comparable to that of the St. Louis Rams of late, the Oakland Raiders, and the Kansas City Chiefs. Nothing more than a black hole that sucks out two years of your coaching careers.

This will take a couple years, but hopefully by 2010 or 2011, we will see a revamped Detroit Lions team. Kitna must go. They need linebackers, hell, they need people who can tackle. It will take new personnel. New management. But it will come, and hopefully I can get back the years I was robbed of good football from my home team. Ever since Barry Sanders left, the Lions became nothing more than a team to put up 35 points on. They are unpredictable at times, and can even win games. Shocking, I know, but that doesn't seem like the case now. Look for a 4-12 record at best in 2008. Early first round pick. BRING ME TIM TEBOW. BRING ME CHASE DANIEL. DITCH JON KITNA.

But I can't help but smile knowing it's the end of the worst era in Detroit football history. And the start of a fresh one. I'm gonna go cook some corn bread. Mmmmm.