Will Charlie Haas Gimmick Get Him a Future Intercontinental Title Shot?

Brian WinkerContributor ISeptember 24, 2008

Well its no surprise that Charlie haas has started a new gimmick of immitating Superstars of the WWE...When i first saw him come down to the ring as "Charlito" I thought...wow he's totally making an ass out of himself.

And then the following week he produced a John Cena parody, which I wasn't that big a fan of since he had just had surgery...but the following week he did something that changed my perception of this new gimmick: he did an immitation of JBL, John Bradshaw Layfield, and became Charles Haas Layfield.

As he did the two step and advertised Mama Jawama I was laughing so hard...and this was the moment that i started to like Charlie Haas...and this was the first match he won since debuting the new gimmick via countout....The the following week he honored a great announcer in this business: "Good Ol' JR" Jim Ross by becoming "Good Ole JH" Jim Haas.

He may have lost the match but he certainly got several laughs and he made the character grow. But This Past Episode...the 800th Episode to be exact...saw him pay homage to one of the greatest professional athletes on the face of this earth: "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig.

This was by far the funniest wrestler immitation gimmick to date. I personally had to watch it twice because I laughed so hard. But One Question remains. No, it's not who is he gonna immitate next week. The question is...Will this gimmick get Charlie Haas anywhere? I forsee only two possiblilites

1) He Does a parody of Santino Marella and they begin a fued for the Intercontinental Championship with him possibly winning the title.


2) The Gimmick gets less funny and fades away and Charlie Haas is put back to Jobberville.

Honestly, I hope he gets a title shot. But it has to be close to when Santino's Honk o Meter is nearing the Honkey Tonk Man's record so that it's even more of an epic fued. But only time will tell if Haas has found the gimmick that can launch a somewhat successful singles run as his former partner, Shelton Benjamin, has gotten with his Gold Standard Character.

Thanks for reading and let's keep the WWE Universe Alive.