TNT NBA Picks: Spurs Vs. Bulls Spread Predictions From Basketball Handicapper

Joe DuffyAnalyst IFebruary 17, 2011

The TNT NBA Spurs-Bulls game as good to bet as it is to watch says expert
The TNT NBA Spurs-Bulls game as good to bet as it is to watch says expertJonathan Daniel/Getty Images Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has an NBA winner for Thursday night's matchup that has the Chicago Bulls (-2) hosting San Antonio.

Two of the more impressive and surprising teams in the entire NBA tangle in the Windy City on Thursday and I’m just fine with the home Bulls at around this pick-em number.

I certainly will give the experienced and really good Spurs a ton of credit for what they have accomplished this season but I’m truly not all in on Greg Popovich’s boys. I really think that San Antonio has peaked too early this season and it’s going to cost them down the line when the real games are here. Of course Duncan, Ginobili and Parker are still very capable as the 9 losses all season long indicate, but they are not a team that scares me all that much. I am in awe of the 46-9 record but I also believe that this team is going to hit a bit of a wall in the near future creating a ton of inherent value in their lines when faded.

Derrick Rose has blown up into superstar status and Carlos Boozer has been really good once again as well. Chicago is 36-16 right now and being lost in the mix because of the Heat and Celtics going toe-to-toe. But don’t look now, the Bulls are right there for the best spot in the East and with the way they have fared why not?

The Spurs are playing the final game of their 9-game road trip tonight and with their age in no way, shape or form can they be anything close to fresh. They have had a few days off which will help but they have been living out of a suitcase now for a few weeks and there is just no way they are going to put their best foot forward in what may be the toughest game of the entire trip.

Da Bulls have won six in a row at home and lucky number seven is here.

Top expert pick on this game: Chicago

For more information: Matt Rivers nails a 400,000* Purdue and 200,000* Michigan took care of business last night as I continue to absolutely obliterate that Crookie. Things have really been solid of late and more of the same right here and now as I take care of business yet again in another 2-0 sweep. 300,000* Washington State-Arizona along with a 200,000* Clemson-NC State. If you’re not going to ride the hot hand then you might as well just get off the bus. I’m winning for sure on Thursday, are you? Rivers card is up