Giants-Cowboys: Don't Expect New York to Beat the 'Boys

Andrew SchiffAnalyst IJanuary 9, 2008

I hate the Dallas Cowboys.

Nothing would thrill me more than to see the G-men knock off the fancy-shmancy 'Boys and their obnoxious fans.

You know which fans I'm talking about—the ones who live in different cities throughout the country, the ones who still wear Troy Aikman's jersey.

They were obnoxious in the 1970s, and even worse in the 1990s.

However, being a realist, I know my Giants won't finish off Dallas.

I call it like I see it: The Cowboys are the class of the NFC.

My New York Giants are a good football team. They played a highly competitive game against New England, and played well enough to finish off the Bucs last Sunday.

But New York will have to play another grade "A" game to beat Dallas. Here are some of the reasons they won't do it...


The New York secondary is weak.

True, they played well against Tampa, but Jeff Garcia and his receivers were still rusty from a long layoff due to injuries.

I like Aaron Ross' talent, but Webster, Madison, and Dockery just don't cut it.


I'm still not convinced Eli Manning is a top-notch QB.

Manning has clearly made strides, but he still makes dumb plays—like that idiotic fumble against New England, which helped kill the Giants' momentum, and those poor throws he made against Tampa, like the screen he attempted to make to Ahmad Bradshaw, which landed at the running back's feet.

Nice pass, Eli.


The Giants can't consistently play at a high level.

You get the feeling that even when the Giants win, they're unable to take their game up a notch—the exception being the New England game, of course.


Even with all these issues, though, the Giants may indeed have a chance.

The secondary could step it up, and the Giants line might not only pressure Tony Romo—they may be able to sack the young QB four or five times (though given Dallas's great offensive line, this will be unlikely).

Another way the Giants might be able to pull of an upset is, of course, by creating turnovers. If the Giants win the takeaway battle by a large margin, New York could emerge victorious.

Also, Manning will have to play better than he did against the Patriots and Tampa Bay. That means the Giants offensive line must give him time and space to throw. And, that means that Eli must play like an elite quarterback.

He threw the ball with authority against the Patriots. Against Dallas, he has to execute throughout the game and not have any lapses.

Thus, while the Cowboys clearly have the edge in talent, the Giants may have a chance to pull out a win.

Unfortunately, I don't think any of these possibilities will end up in the Giants favor.

While I'm aware that Terrell Owens isn't 100 percent, and that Romo's focus might be elsewhere as he hangs with hottie Jessica Simpson, I still expect Dallas to roll.

The reality is that the Giants just don't have the talent to stay with Cowboys.

Prediction: Dallas 41, Giants 24

Andrew Schiff is the author of a forthcoming book on a seminal figure in 19th Century baseball: Henry Chadwick