Washington Redskins: Why Do We Keep Talking About Dan Snyder?

Josh McCainSenior Writer IFebruary 17, 2011

The face of evil to many Skins fans
The face of evil to many Skins fansDoug Pensinger/Getty Images

Listen, I'm as frustrated as any Redskin fan out there. 

The team's lack of winning for the past fifteen years, with the majority of the losing being under Dan Snyder's ownership.

However, recently the one thing that I've grown more tired of than the constant losing is the constant bitching about Snyder.

I get it, he's a terrible owner who makes bad decisions, constantly, but at least he makes them at an attempt at winning.

If there is one nice thing I can say about Snyder is that he wants to win. He's not like the Bidwells, Fords or Browns, who just own a football team because it's a license to print money.

No, he owns the team to win a championship (and make money too).

This past season, though he was still despised, Snyder's image was being cleaned up.

He hired an honest-to-God general manager in Bruce Allen, who in an uncapped year, cleaned up the Redskins' books so that they can move forward in building a winner.

This a new approach under Snyder. For once, the Redskins didn't just keep throwing away money to win, they actually cut players in order to save money.

Then Snyder and Allen hired Mike Shanahan, who maybe had a rough season, but he did take over a 4-12 team that was then gutted to save money.

So, even after a 6-10 season, one that was mired in controversy over the benching of Donovan McNabb and the constant bickering between the coaching staff and Albert Haynesworth, Daniel Snyder came out a little less hated.

Of course, Daniel Snyder couldn't go too long without a little bad publicity, so he sued the Washington City Paper over an article written about him in November.

I'm not here to debate the legitimacy of the suite (mainly because I'm not a lawyer) or whether it's a good public relations move.

However, I'm sick and tired of hearing about it. It's one thing to report on it and then bash Snyder the week that it happened, that's fine. But we're three weeks removed from it and that's all many people can talk about.

What I find funny and ironic is that one of the local sports radio stations here in D.C. (the one not owned by Snyder) who claim to talk more about the Wizards and Capitals (then Snyder's station) have spent more time talking about Snyder than they do about the Caps and Zards.

In fact, when they begin talking about Snyder I flip the dial over to the station owned by Snyder and that station is talking about the Caps, the Zards or even the Nationals.

Then this week, a new Snyder fuel was fired when John Feinstein wrote in his blog that Tony Kornheiser had asked him not to talk about Snyder when appearing on his radio show (that broadcasts on Snyder's radio station) because he (Kornheiser) and Snyder are friends.

In my opinion, Feinstein had no business blogging about this since he claims to be Tony's friend, but blogging this essentially throws Tony under the bus as a Snyder yes-man.

I've got to side with Tony in this instance. It's not because I like Snyder (I don't know him), but if I had a radio or television show (regardless of the subject matter) I wouldn't want guest coming and bashing my friends.

After all Feinstein is a so-called expert on a lot of sports like college basketball and golf, both of which are currently in season where football is not. 

So the two had more avenues to talk about than Dan Snyder and honestly, in this new 24-hour news world we live in a three-week old law suite isn't news anymore until there is some sort of decision or at least a new development.

So can we at least move on from all the Snyder bashing until he does something else? He's not going anywhere as the owner anytime soon.

Also, I'm sure he'll give people new things to bash him on, like when he trades away two first round picks for Brett Favre later this year.

So until next time Skins' fans, follow me on Twitter (@jomac006) and make sure to pick up a copy of Madden, it might be the only NFL football you get this year.