Red Wings Extend Osgood's Stay in Detroit

Jason HackettAnalyst IJanuary 9, 2008

He won the Stanley Cup with Detroit many moons ago, and was the figurehead of Red Wings netminders.

A few seasons later, he was cast aside by Detroit, who derided him as a has-been.

A couple of years later, the Wings were unable to sign any of the top free agent goaltenders, and reluctantly brought Osgood back in order to add experience to the roster.

He wasn't voted into the All-Star Game this year, despite having a stellar season, and leading the Red Wings to tops in the West once again. However, with Luongo dropping out of the All-Star Game to await the birth of his child, the hockey world will most likely see Chris Osgood start the third period of the midseason classic for the Western Conference.

The only thing that makes this day even better for Osgood is the news that the Red Wings have signed the netminder to a new contract, almost doubling his salary from this season.

The only surprising part would be how little Osgood asked for when negotiating his salary. After making just $800,000 this season, he now will be earning $1.5 million for each of the next three seasons. Quite modest for the league's top goalie this season, stat wise.

But Osgood might say that he is modest, and knows that if it wasn't for the Red Wings giving him another chance, he would most likely not be in the big leagues last season, this season, or next season.