It Is Not Life Or Death In Alabama It Is More Than That

mpeskyContributor ISeptember 24, 2008

In the maligned State Of Alabama we too must have our time to shine. The Alabama Crimson Tide gives our state a share of the spotlight. We are represented as winners by the Tide. This may seem small and insignificant but it is not so to the fans of Bama football. With twelve National Championships Alabama lives in the lore of the greats of college football. 

And then there is Auburn  standing proudly on the Plains. Auburn has bested the Tide in the last six games. Alabama holds the lead with nine consecutive wins. I do not believe that Auburn will win nine in a row against the new Crimson Tide. It will take years for Auburn to reach the lofty place that Bama holds (if they can). Auburn is backed by great fans and has a very beautiful stadium.

Many people from other places can not understand why Bama fans want Auburn to lose and Auburn's fans wish the same for Bama. You have to live here to find the answer to that question.

Yes there are many things in this world that are more important than a football game. America is at peril and you can bet the house that all these fans will join together and fight for America. The  people of this State Of Alabama will help their neighbors in this time of trouble. Than is when we all will SHINE.