Notre Dame Football After Three Games: What Have We Learned?

Bob WaltersContributor ISeptember 24, 2008

After three games, we have seen Notre Dame play well, play poorly, and just about everything in between. In the preseason, people expected Notre Dame have a record in that "anywhere between" range.

The plan this year was to pound the ball and be dominant with the ground game. So far, it looks like that isn't the way it's going to be. All of the Irish's big plays this year have come from the passing game, where they can get the ball into the hands of playmakers like Golden Tate. Coach Charlie Weis will not abandon the running game, but he may have his team take to the air more.

In all of Notre Dame's games, they have made mistakes. Without those mistakes, games like Michigan State would have been very different. Notre Dame still had a chance at Michigan State all the way to the fourth quarter in the 23-7 loss. Without mistakes, Notre Dame would have looked a lot better against San Diego State.

Notre Dame is a young team, and if it can eliminate most of its mistakes, then it may still be able to get into a decent mid-level bowl game.