Platini shows lack of class

Chris AbalainContributor ISeptember 24, 2008

So I've read this article this week - see this link on Skysports- about Michel Platini. For those who don't know, Platini is president of UEFA - the football governing body of Europe - and he is a legend in his own right, as a footballer, anyway. This bleacher reporter for one, is not sure though about his credentials as president - and therefore mouthpiece for UEFA. In my eyes, Platini has far too extreme views, which are also backwards in so many ways. Football is forward -looking and always has been, as clubs know and players know that those who stand still never improve. They stay where they are and stagnate, but Platini thinks Arsene Wenger, one of England's finest Premier League managers, and a respected one worldwide, is putting business before football and should keep shut about his opinion on goal-line technology. This comes after the bumbling assistant referee in a match in the Coca-cola league, awarded a goal to a team after the ball had gone wide of the posts, not in between them as it should. Call me stupid but errors like that are for blind people, and I mean that in no detriment to the blind. This man should feel like an idiot, and probably does now. Surely though, if we had video replays or goal-line technology, silly things like this that take the news away from the successful teams and great matches, would never happen. This is forward-thinking. If rugby can work with goal line technology, why on earth is the world's most prolific sport not up with the times? The main problem with Platini is that he seems to be doing a Sepp Blatter - where one makes a fool of oneself in England by making ridiculous extreme comments, while looking good in a Europe that has been fed and eaten up propaganda-style reports of England's hooligan culture (for those who aren't with the times, look up hooligan in Britain's 1980's. Of course, I jest. But you can see why. Britain has worked harder than any nation to quell the desire to kick the opposition fans in to next Saturday, and has done a fantastic job of doing it, with several successful campaigns and police operations. "Hooligans" that are well-known can't travel outside our country and are banned from stadia. We have it covered, Europe. But Platini must be basking in making English football look stupid once again, while Wenger, widely respected in his home country and a regular participant in the french equivalent of Match of the day when garnering opinion, is simply made to look stupid by his countryman. I've got some simple words of advice for Platini. You were a footballer, yetyou don't understand the pressures of modern football in a high profile league and you're past your time. You should be working WITH the clubs and managers to see what UEFA can do to improve the game, not criticising some forward-thinking opinion on technology. In plain English, he should just shut up. Hopefully, somebody or everybody will find it necessary to support Wenger's claims and bring Platini to sit down at the proverbial table and slice off a piece of humble pie.