The Craziest Baby Mamas in Sports

Eric Ball@@BigLeagueEballFeatured ColumnistFebruary 17, 2011

The Craziest Baby Mamas In Sports

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    Baby mamas.
    It’s the two scariest words in the English language for professional athletes. A combination of money seeking loose women and stupid intoxicated millionaire athletes equals causal intercourse.
    And boom goes the dynamite.
    The outcome is very expensive for the athlete and as they attempt to shell out enough hush money to keep them quiet.
    Rarely are they kept quiet.
    Here are 15 athletes that have experienced the wrath of the dreaded baby mama.

    The picture above is Travis Henry and six of his nine children.

Honorable Mentions: Shawn Kemp and Calvin Murphy

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    Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

    Kemp has seven illegitimate kids from seven baby mamas...all have different levels of craziness.

    Murphy has 14 children by nine different women.


    Congrats to Murphy for winning the title for most illegitimate kids by an athlete of all time.

    Both of these guys will be paying more in child support than in strip clubs and alcohol for a loooong time.

15. Lamar Odom

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    Odom’s ex is named Liza Morales. She received word from Lamar that he was going to marry Khole Kardashian via text message.

    Awwww hell 'naw!

    Insanity ensued and now Odom is seeking to get partial custody of the two kids he and Morales have together.

14. Albert Haynesworth

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    Haynesworth is being sued by a stripper in Brooklyn for allegedly abandoning her after finding out about her pregnancy.
    Haynesworth allegedly cut off all contact with her as soon as she found out about the baby.  He will owe her almost $10M if she wins the lawsuit.
    Now she is doing everything in her power to put this story out for everybody to see. Hayesworth has done absolutely nothing right since signing that $100M deal with the Redskins in 2009...well unless your a Cowboys fan.

13. Tom Brady

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    Mr. Perfect had just dumped Bridget Moynahan. Life was good as he quickly moved on to Gisele.
    Then the bomb dropped.
    Bridget informed Brady that she was pregnant and the baby was his.
    A war of words ensued between the two women. Now that’s a cat-fight worth watching.

12. Braylon Edwards

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    Edwards isn't quite the brightest star in the sky and he picked the wrong baby mama to get involved with.
    "America's Next Top Model" contestant Nik Pace has apparently filed a lawsuit that would force him to pay $70,000 A MONTH in child support.
    Pace is taking out her anger of losing a realty show on Edwards’ wallet. That's some major dough for a guy that's about to stop getting paid on March 4th.

11. Tiger Woods

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    Are you familiar with this story?
    The whole world knows the gory details of this mess.
    By fat the most expensive baby mama—all of Woods antics off the golf course cost him a cool $100M, endless amounts of shame, and little contact with his kids.
    Let that be a lesson fellas…never settle for the Hooters waitress that bats her eyelashes at you as she hands you the check.

10. Brian Urlacher

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    Tyna Robertson, the mother of Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher’s son, got arrested in 2008 on a warrant for contempt of court issued by an Los Angeles court.

    Robertson missed a court date and wasn't making payments on an $11 million settlement against her for making false sexual assault accusations against Riverdance star Michael Flatley.

    And you wonder why Urlacher ended their relationship...

9. Lance Stephenson

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    Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

    Jasmine Williams has been involved in Stephenson’s life since he got her pregnant in high school.
    He stayed in the picture and didn’t ditch her.
    Then after a heated exchange in August, Stephenson allegedly pushed her down a few flights of stairs. Stephenson claimed she slipped.
    The cops were called and Stephenson was arrested for felony assault. It’s a big “he said, she said” story and both sides have drastically different stories.

8. Travis Henry

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    Nine babies and nine different women?

    Henry needs to think vasectomy.

    Ok so the picture above isn't Henry's kids...but you get the picture.

7. Floyd Mayweather

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    Mayweather got caught up in all the baby mama drama last year when he was charged with a battery domestic violence case.

    The case is still pending but numerous friends including rapper 50 Cent have said publicly that Mayweather's baby mama is full of crap and Floyd is innocent. .

    Nothing screams innocence like having rappers clear you of any wrong doing.

6. Dwight Howard

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    Royce Reed has gained fame (I guess being on VH-1 means your famous) for being one of the stars in Basketball Wives.

    She is a former dancer for the Orlando Magic and the Miami Heat. She also has Howard's two-year old son.

    Their relationship is rocky to say the least.

    Dwight went to visit his son at daycare and Reed immediately called the cops upon finding out. Howard is claiming to be filing a $500M lawsuit against her for tarnishing his image.

    You don't have to search very hard to find out that Royce is quite the dancer...and has shown off those talents for T.O. and Ludacris in the past.

5. Antonio Cromartie

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    Another strength in numbers guy, Cromartie famously struggled to remember his nine children by eight different women.

    Check out the Hard Knocks clip as he stumbles to list off almost half of them. After the show aired he blamed the producers for making him stumble.


    Craziest part...he is now married!

4. Dirk Nowitzki

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    Dirk almost made a huge mistake.

    He had a $250,000 engagement ring for her. Dirk wanted to marry her after finding out she was pregnant. Then she got arrested....

    Cristal Taylor failed to check in with her probation officer in a forgery and theft case.

    Then news was released that she had been arrested twice in Texas in 2000 for misdemeanors.Then Dirk found out that she racked up an outrageous $330,000 in debt with her ex-husband.

    Oh, and all of this happened in the middle of the NBA playoffs.

    Dirk may or may not have a kid with her, but let's hope the return policy was good on the ring.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

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    This women has kept her identity on lock down and for good reason.

    After meeting this waitress out on the town, Ronaldo ended up knocking her up.

    He immediately opened up his wallet and payed her millions of euros in hush money. In return, Ronaldo could raise his son.

    Well the women changed her mind and has been constantly calling Ronaldo in a attempt to get custody of the baby. Allegedly she calls him up to 100 times a day.

    Get a new number bro!

    This recent turn of events could get ugly for the international soccer star.

2. Dwyane Wade

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    He married his high school sweetheart Siohvaughn back in 2002.

    Big mistake.

    She claims he abandoned their two children, cheated on her and infected her with an unspecified sexually transmitted disease.

    She wants the names of ''all of his sexual partners'' during their six-year marriage. How in the world can one of the biggest stars in the NBA possibly be able to name all of his sexual partners?

    She tried to sue Wade's girlfriend Gabrielle Union for causing distress to her kids. Then there were questions about her sanity...

    Wade still is dealing with her in the court room...this is one defender he can't seem to shake.

1. Gilbert Arenas

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    Pretty hard to beat a baby mama that serves you divorce papers at halftime of a game.
    Gilbert was walking back into the locker room after two quarters against the Heat last month when the baby mama’s lawyer gave him the "good" news.
    Laura Govan allegedly got a moving truck and drove straight to Arenas’ mansion earlier in January. She managed to load up the truck with Arenas' clothing, furniture, his huge sneaker collection and infamous shark tank.

    Gilbert went back to his mansion to find all of it missing.

    This all comes after numerous reports that Shaq and Govan had sexual relations while she and Arenas were still together.

    Nothing quite like getting embarrassed during a game, having your girl have sex with Shaq then show up and try and jack all your stuff.

    Let this be a lesson rookies...beware.