Boom: Kofi Kingston May Possess All the Tools but Is It Enough?

RiZESenior Writer IFebruary 16, 2011

There’s no stopping the controlled frenzy of Kofi Kingston. The Ghanaian Superstar has certainly become one of the most popular Superstars in the WWE today. Kofi is arguably the most versatile and athletic Superstar on the roster. When it comes to holding the microphone, Kofi’s slightly above average.

This Superman has it all but the question is, does it matter?

Kingston has remained on the midcard since his debut on ECW in 2008. From the start, Kingston’s future looked as bright as the next guy. Kofi began an undefeated streak that lasted for four months until falling to the Gold Standard.

Kofi ultimately proved too popular to remain on the C show and he was drafted to RAW.

Kofi’s first match was definitely an eye opener as he won the Intercontinental title from Chris Jericho with an assist from HBK. Kingston had a good run as Champion only to lose it to Santino Marella at SummerSlam. Kingston soon found in ally in CM Punk and the team went on to win the World Tag team titles.

After dropping the titles to Morrison and Miz, the team faded away and Kofi entered the MITB match after another win over Chris Jericho. Kingston lost the match to his partner, CM Punk but was soon placed back into a title picture.

Kingston defeated MVP to win the U.S. Championship.

Kingston’s reign included wins at four consecutive PPVs and defeated the likes of MVP, Jack Swagger and The Miz in the process. Kingston dropped the title to Miz on RAW but I wasn’t upset about the outcome.

Weeks later Kofi was pushed into a feud with former Champion, Randy Orton. After running Legacy away from the arena during a Cena/Orton match, Kingston was attacked by Orton who blamed Kofi for his loss.

Kingston soon unleashed a hidden aggression by defacing Orton’s car and destroying Orton at MSG. Kingston finally was going to be a main event star. He dropped the Jamaican ascent and showed some mic ability in his promo’s with Orton.

Kingston became a legitimate threat to Orton once his Survivor Series team defeated Orton’s when Kofi pinned Orton. A series of matches followed with both men trading wins until a match at TLC. Orton won but the feud was far from over.

Orton cost Kofi the U.S. title and the feud continued. Orton unsurprisingly defeated Kingston again and the two faced off in a triple threat featuring John Cena. Orton won the match but something seemed wrong towards the end.

To us, the match went without a hitch but after it was over, Orton screamed “stupid!”

The RKO seemed to be delivered with more aggression.

Kofi’s feud with Orton ended and he slowly drifted back down into the midcard. Questions soon flocked through the IWC as we wondered why Kofi seemingly was on his way to the main card only to be pushed back? The truth came when reports revealed that Orton complained about Kingston messing up in their match and how he wasn’t ready to main event.

This wasn’t the first time Orton’s word led to another star's misfortune.

Orton complained about Mr. Kennedy (Anderson) to WWE management and a few days later, he was released.

They call Orton the Legend Killer but his name should be the Dream Killer.

Now that we’re up to speed with Kofi’s beginning and his thwarted rise to the top. Kingston has bounced around on SmackDown and has held the IC Title twice. Kingston’s mic skills are improving and should’ve been Champion by now.

Why is Kofi still used as an escape man?

The reason the WWE put the IC title back on Kingston was because of Ziggler’s ascension to the main event card. Now he’s stuck in a pointless feud with Del Rio where he will undoubtedly lose every encounter.

Some say Kingston’s always happy attitude may hold him back. Kofi has destroyed Orton and Ziggler on numerous occasions and was there any sign of a smile?


Kofi’s dilemma completely changed and we witnessed a new side of Kofi. I say give Kofi the mic and let him run with it. Improvement can only come when an opportunity presents itself. Besides that, I don’t see the flaws in Kofi’s game.

He has the fan base, the ability and the improving mic skills.

But once again, Kofi’s another star's personal jobber.

While I won’t enter the touch subject of his race, there’s only four former World Champions in pro wrestling history. Booker T, The Rock, R-Truth and Ron Simmons have all held World Titles but only Rock has held the big one.

The WWE Championship

Don’t take my comments as Kofi being held back because of his race but I solely blame Orton for Kingston not being World Champion already. Kofi Kingston has all the tools to become a major player in the WWE but with every passing week our hopes fade.

But I will continue to watch from the crowds. Kofi’s the total package and I firmly believe he will be World Champion in due time.

Boom boom boom.