Arguably the Best Day Ever in Detroit Sports History

Austin DrakeSenior Analyst ISeptember 24, 2008

The beginning of the 24th of September was just like any other Wednesday, get up, go to school and be bored for seven hours.

It was all normal until news broke on the bottomline of ESPN on the television in the Cafeteria....Matt Millen removed from Team President and GM. Oh, it tasted so sweet. So now the day was good and little rumors started around the school.

"Dude, Millen got fired!"...."OH, YEAH!", was the normal response.

The final school bell rung and I was out the door driving home when a Tigers Text Alert came to my phone. The preview only said, "Tigers former closer..." and that's it. So, I open the text nonchalantly and what do I read??? Tigers former closer, Todd Jones, has retired from baseball after 16 years of playing in MLB.

Right then I said, "This is the best day in Detroit sports history"..."screw the many championships of all the teams, this one day is tops them all."

The "Fire Millen" chants, strikes and everything else have finally been answered, but it came nearly a 31-84 record to late. The devastation of Lion fans has now turned into cheers and applause across this great state of Michigan.

It is a bad day though for Bears, Vikings and Packers fans. They all loved Millen, now he is gone.

The Todd Jones struggles are no more the hassle of the Tigers. He was smart and just threw in the towel like he should have 2-3 years ago. Many die-hard Tiger fans, like myself, have been dreaming of this day for years now and it has come true.

Finally, I would like to thank Bill Ford Jr. for coming out and saying that he would fire Millen. I think Henry Clay Ford made his final decision on what his son thought of I thank you.