The Greatest Chamber Superstars in WWE History

Joe HubbsContributor IIFebruary 16, 2011

The Greatest Chamber Superstars in WWE History

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    With the Elimination Chamber PPV set to air this weekend, 12 different participants will either be vying for Edge's World Heavyweight Championship or for the spot to face the WWE Champion at WrestleMania XXVII.

    Here is a ranking of the greatest chamber participants since its 2002 inception which may serve as a possible foreshadowing of things to come.

Honorable Mentions

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    Kane He participated in the first chamber and two others since, but he has never won nor has he ever eliminated another participant.

    Randy Orton Runner-up at the New Year’s Revolution EC match in 2005, this is as close as Randy has ever gotten to a chamber victory, though he does have three attempts dating back to SummerSlam 2003.

    Bobby Lashley Got to give credit to Lashley here as he is the only superstar to win the only chamber match he participated in, the ECW Dismember 2 Dismember Extreme Elimination Chamber.

T–No.5: Edge

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    Edge has three entries and one chamber victory to his credit (Raw’s EC match in 2009), though his most staggering chamber accomplishment may be that he participated in twp EC matches in one night at the 2009 No Way Out pay-per-view.

    It’s rarely a bad thing to have your character be sleeping with the boss, as it looks like Edge will realize from the other side of that coin on this Friday’s SmackDown.

T–No. 5: Undertaker

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    Like Edge, the Dead Man also has three appearances and a chamber victory to his credit (SmackDown’s No Way Out Chamber match in 2008, runner-up at the other two), but also like Edge, his most staggering chamber accomplishment comes in a different form.

    In the 2010 SmackDown chamber match, Taker would get engulfed in flames by his own pyro for about two seconds on his way to the ring.

    Suffering from first and second degree burns on his face and chest, he would still wrestle the match, serving as runner-up to Chris Jericho after interference from Shawn Michaels.

No. 4: John Cena

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    Cena was late to the Chamber game compared to those ranked higher than him on this list and has only participated in three.

    His first chamber match was at the New Year’s Revolution PPV in 2006, which he started and won only to lose the World Heavyweight Championship when Edge cashed in the MITB contract after the match.

    Cena also won the Raw chamber match last year only to lose the WWE Title to Batista in a match set by Mr. McMahon immediately after the chamber bout.

    He is the odds on favorite to do it again this year luckily there is no title on the line so he is likely not to get screwed a third time.

No. 3: Shawn Michaels

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    The originator of many innovative matches Hell In A Cell, modern day ladder match, modern day Iron Man match it’s not surprising that Shawn Michaels would win the first chamber match in WWE history as well.

    Fresh off of his four and a half year hiatus, Michaels picked up his first and only World Heavyweight Championship at Survivor Series 2002 by winning the original chamber.

    He would go on to compete in three more, starting each one of them.

No. 2: Chris Jericho

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    Jericho has participated in six of the 11 chamber matches. While he has only won one of them (last year’s SmackDown Chamber match), he has often served a vital role.

    Jericho has eliminated someone in every one of his chamber matches, he has started four of the six, and he participated in both the first and, until Sunday, the most recent chamber matches.

    While more quiet than some others, Jericho has helped define the chamber over the course of his WWE career.

No. 1: Triple H

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    Triple H has participated in six of the 11 chambers thus far, winning the most four of them and serving as runner-up in the other two (the first one in 2002 and the most recent at last year’s Raw chamber match).

    Undoubtedly, he is the greatest chamber superstar. Should he be? Well, that’s left up to the bookers to decide. Oh, wait, that’s him!


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    Cena and Edge are the only superstars "ranked" here that participate in this year's chamber matchups. They also are the odds on favorites to win.

    Yet for that very reason, perhaps a swerve is on the horizon...

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