NBA Trade Rumors: Top 10 Reasons a Carmelo Anthony Deal Needs To Happen

Sal DeRose@@TheSalDeRoseCorrespondent IFebruary 16, 2011

NBA Trade Rumors: Top 10 Reasons a Carmelo Anthony Deal Needs To Happen

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    The Carmelo Anthony trade rumors are, yet again for the fifty billionth time, starting to heat up.

    Now rumors have it that the Houston Rockets have pulled out of the running for the Nuggets all-star small forward.

    The leverage is still in the Knicks favor and the Nuggets still need to get something for their star.

    Here are the top reasons why this deal needs to finally happen.

Finally Stop Hearing About Carmelo Anthony Trade Rumors

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    Honestly this is the easiest one to point out. I can't stand it anymore. It's gotten to the point where it's just flat out annoying.

    Every morning you turn on Sportscenter you can't go five minutes without hearing something.

    It's like an episode of All My Children or The Young and the Restless.

    For the love of god, make this deal happen so we can stop hearing about how many teams are involved, where he's going, and where he won't go.

    Not to mention all these rumors that have been spread, haven't even been right! None of them have happened!

    Ok. That's my little vent on this. Just needed to get that out. It was nice in the beginning, but you're like that clingy friend who follows you everywhere. You just want to get away.

The Nuggets Can Finally Start Their Rebuilding Process

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    Whether it be by keeping him or trading him at the deadline, the Nuggets need to start looking to rebuild for life after Carmelo. It's only a few months away at the most, and you know what's at stake if you wait.

    The Nuggets need to start rebuilding as soon as possible. They need to see who they can build around and who to get rid of come the end of the season.

    Come on Nuggets, we're looking at you.

The Nuggets Would Get Something For Carmelo

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    Whether it be Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari, Raymond Felton or Landry Fields, the Nuggets would at least get something for Carmelo.

    Carmelo is a big trading chip (Obviously) and getting something for him would be ideal.

    Look at the Cavs and Raptors. They got nothing for their superstars and look how they're doing in the NBA.

    The Cavs look like they don't even belong in the Sun Belt conference in college basketball let alone the NBA.

    The Nuggets need to make a deal so they at least get something for him. Who cares about the second half of this season? You have the next decade to think about basically. You won't have Carmelo. Might as well find someone decent enough to replace him.

Players Can Finally Stop Worrying About Being Traded

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    No one can say this hasn't affected these guys one bit.

    Not knowing what team you will be on the next day has got to get to you.

    With Anthony being dealt these thoughts will finally go away and everybody can focus on basketball.

    It's for the good of the NBA if he gets traded because of this reason. We can focus back on basketball and on the court problems instead of who will be in the locker room the next day.

    This has had to have had an effect on the performance on the court.

Teams Can Start Building Chemistry With New Players

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    This is pretty big since it could take a while for Carmelo to develop chemistry with his new teammates.

    I'm a Knicks fan and I know this is going to sound really bad when I say this but he's going to be a Knick.

    The Knicks can finally start building up the chemistry to compete in the East and becoming relevant again. This is going to be a huge part in not only the success of the Knicks, but also in the judgement of how good of a deal the Knicks made.

    If Carmelo doesn't really fit in, what was the point of trading for him?

Can Finally See How Free Agency Will Look This Offseason

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    Without Carmelo, how does the 2011 free agent class look?

    Possibilities of Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Zach Randolph and Jason Richardson as the free agent class come to mind.

    Carmelo's deal could affect where some of these guys go. Teams could start to sign just to compete with whoever got Carmelo in the offseason.

    It would be nice to see this free agency without Carmelo as it's still a really good possible free agent class.

    2011 could top 2010 in terms of shaking up the NBA landscape.

    Could you even imagine San Antonio without Tim Duncan? Yeah, neither could I.

Can See Who Is The Instant Contender

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    Whoever lands Carmelo is an instant contender in their conference for the next few years no doubt.

    Especially if New York lands him and teams him up with Amar'e Stoudemire and possibly Chris Paul?

    That's a Big Three to compete with Miami. I know I'm going out on a limb with Chris Paul but truth is, it could be possible.

    Anyway, we would finally be able to see what the playoff landscape would look like in the NBA and be able to decide who is going to compete for the title and make a strong push in the playoffs.

    Personally, I want to see what the best teams in the NBA are going to look like after the whole Carmelo Anthony shake-up. It should be an interesting landscape afterwards.

Can Finally See The Winner and The Loser of The Deal

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    We have waited so long for this moment. Now do the Nuggets come out with a great deal or does the team Carmelo gets dealt to get the better end?

    We've waited so long for this and if the Nuggets get a really bad deal out of this, honestly it will be infuriating. They dragged it out this long to try and get the best possible deal, passed up on a few good deals (if you believe the rumors) and come out with virtually nothing. Really, Denver?

    Just to see what the deal would look like would be good enough. As a Knicks fan if we lost out to some mystery team, I would want to see if the Nuggets actually got a good deal out of it.

    I just feel like seeing the winners and losers of this deal could be pretty cool to find out.

More Trades Will Follow

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    With Carmelo being traded it could open the floodgates to more trades to follow. Everyone could start looking to compete with whoever gets Anthony.

    Rumors will start to heat up around some big names that won't be moved and some teams will in fact deal some players just to compete.

    Carmelo is like the plug right now. Whoever he goes to, teams will start looking for ways to compete with them. Whether it be by trade or free agents, Carmelo being traded will open the floodgates for more moves either by the deadline or during the offseason.

We'll See Where Chris Paul Goes Next

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    If the rumors are true, Chris Paul will go to New York with Carmelo.

    Yes, I said it, Carmelo is going to New York (Obviously) and Chris Paul could follow.

    If the Knicks do indeed trade Raymond Felton, Chris Paul rumors could start heating up virtually over night.

    Then the whole NBA will, yet again, focus on another superstar leaving his team to make a Big Three, this time in New York.

    It's like when one rumor dies another one takes it's place.

    Get ready for Chris Paul talks.