A Bunch of Bull: Red Bull Racing Cuts Ties with AJ Allmendinger

Tony HulfeldCorrespondent ISeptember 24, 2008

Red Bull Racing just made a huge mistake.

This week RBR announced that it will part ways with sophomore driver AJ Allmendinger. One question: Why?

Two Words: Scott Speed.

AJ has obviously not had a perfect entry and career into stock car racing. But who has?

Since going back in the car after being replaced by Mike Skinner, Allmendinger has successfully qualified for, and run fairly well in, every race since then. So why after putting so much effort into the development of a new driver would you just cut him loose after he gets the hardest part of his career behind him?

Red Bull Racing has already basically committed to current ARCA points leader Scott Speed, who looks to be the next big thing in NASCAR. But isn't this just a bit unfair?

After working hard all summer to get the No. 84 in the top 35 in owners points, why does Allmendinger just get thrown out of the car? No one really knows, but it seems to be that hard work and effort and doing your best don't seem to mean much anymore.

The real question is: Where will Allmendinger go?