NFL Rumors: Top 8 Free Agents Currently Available

Tim GrovesCorrespondent IFebruary 16, 2011

NFL Rumors: Top 8 Free Agents Currently Available

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    Help is going to be very tough to find during the NFL off season.  With the current collective bargaining agreement, expiring contracts aren't considered free agents during this upcoming off season.

    Who can your team look to if they need some help?  Who could potentially be brought in to help the team?  Click through to see eight names available for the 2011 NFL season (if there is one).

8. Marcus Stroud, Defensive Line

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    Marcus Stroud was recently released by the Buffalo Bills and released into the murky waters of free agency.  Stroud is a veteran player, having been in the league for ten years. 

    Stroud was a staple for the Jacksonville Jaguars in his early days, helping lead the team to multiple playoff appearances.  He provided a stable presence on the outside for many years. 

    When he came to Buffalo, his stats lagged slightly.  Regardless, Stroud can still help multiple teams in 2011.

7. Erik Coleman, Defensive Back

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    After starting the majority of the games over the past six seasons with the Jets and Falcons, Coleman rarely saw the field in 2010.  He recorded only 15 tackles during the entire year.  That doesn't mean he can't help certain teams though.

    His experience would be an asset to any team and it wasn't long ago that he recorded 82 tackles for the Falcons.  He can still play.

6. Antonio Bryant, Wide Receiver

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    Two 1,000 yard seasons.  Five seasons with at least four touchdowns.  Bryant is a quality wide receiver.

    The eight year veteran still has a lot left in his tank.  He was brought in to stabilize a faltering Bengals receiving core but was eventually released when Terrel Owens was brought in.

    Bryant could be a very consistent third option on a very good team.  His career numbers can back that up.

5. Pat White, Athlete

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    As Michael Vick thrives in Philadelphia, one has to wonder just what an athletic quarterback like Pat White could accomplish in the right system.  Granted he isn't as skilled as Vick, but the athleticism is still there.

    White could be brought in to provide multiple wrinkles to the offense.  He could successfully take snaps at quarterback, running back or corner back.  It all depends on how the coaches decided to use him.

    Someone with the speed and quickness of White can surly help any team out.  It's just a matter of harnessing it correctly.

4. Willie Parker, Running Back

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    After slowly getting pushed out of the Pittsburgh backfield thanks to Rashard Mendenhall, he found himself picked up by an even more crowded backfield in the Washington Redskins.  The multiple backs on the roster forced Parker to be cut.

    In his final season with the Steelers, Parker still managed 4.0 yards per carry.  He can still clearly run the ball and would be a valuable pick up for most teams.  In today's brutal world of the NFL, multiple backs will never be a bad thing.

3. Plaxico Burress, Wide Receiver

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    Before last season this would have been a ridiculous thought, but that all changed as Michael Vick carved through defenses during the 2010 campaign. 

    Prior to his conviction, Burress was one of the better wide receivers in the NFL.  He had good hands, was quick and had tremendous height.  While you can work on the first two, you can't teach height.

    If Burress comes back and works hard at regaining his former abilities, he could still produce in the NFL.

2. Shaun Rogers, Defensive Tackle

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    Any team could use a 350 + pound nose tackle to plug the middle and wreck havoc.  It's just common sense.

    Rogers is getting up there in age, as he has been in the league for ten seasons but that doesn't mean he still can't be big. 

    Rogers shouldn't be on the market long though, as guys his size are simply too hard to find.  There are just not too many guys that big with those skills.  This makes Rogers very valuable.

1. Justin Fargas, Running Back

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    During those years when the Raiders running backs were decimated by injury, Justin Fargas stepped up and stepped up big.  He provided many fantasy owners with an awesome mid-season pick up, as I can attest for first hand.

    When Darren McFadden and Michael Bush finally got healthy it left no room for Fargas and they cast him aside.  Maybe I'm simply blinded by what he put up during those few weeks, but Fargas has the ability to be a good second back for any team.

    He possess some serious toughness with some surprising speed.  Fargas may never make a Pro Bowl but he can certainly make a team better.